“Prepare to Lead”

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Defense Minister Brownie J. Samukai has told students of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) to prepare themselves to lead, in line with ethics and better education.

Minister Samukai gave the admonition to the students during the induction of student leaders of senior and freshman classes of the university.

He said graduating and holding a degree is not enough to get one to be trusted with leadership, but how a person manifests those traits that give people a sense of trust in that person.

He told the students that becoming what others have become will begin from the day an individual enrolls in school where such individual will defend his or her capability by sharing logical opinions about issues affecting society.

Samukai believes that one who wishes to be a leader will be concerned about his or her surroundings, participate in everything involving the community, and carefully listen to know the facts about the unfolding issues.

“Don’t be afraid to share your opinion and do not graduate and hold a degree that you cannot defend. Show out to others what is in you that can make them trust you with leadership,” Minister Samukai told the students.

The outspoken Defense Minister said those wishing to assume leadership in institutions or the country must adequately prepare themselves to be on top of the top of issues, noting that honesty, accountability and responsibility are some core values one needs to have before pursing leadership.

“Have faith about preparing yourself to provide the leadership the country needs. Be trustworthy and accept responsibility for what you do,” he urged.

Furthermore, Minister Samukai informed the students that popularity is a deceptive fame to rely upon, adding, “Popularity only carries a person up the ladder when the individual is able to deliver what the people need.” He cited an instance when because of his popularity in school he contested a student leadership position but was beaten by his opponent who was more academically prepared.

He cautioned the students to be mindful as election approaches to elect people not because they have big names, but to evaluate them on the basis of their deliverables before casting their votes for them.

The student leadership induction was performed by Ambassador Nathaniel Barnes, a politician and member of the Board of Trustees of the university.

Those inducted at the level of the senior class leadership include the president, Andrew G. Kamara, Varmah Bobby Gray vice president, Cyrus J. Williams, secretary, Tarlee Feawoe, financial secretary, and Fatu C. Johnson treasurer.

The Freshman class elected officials include the president, James Kollie, Nyundy R. Greaves, vice president, J. Emmanuel Kpleh, secretary, Emmanuel Wleh Dixon, Chaplain and Georenita Barolle, treasurer.


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