Parents Urged Not to Endanger their Kids

A partial view of parents at the program and Mr. Jones encouraging parents to invest in their kids

Parents should rather educate their children instead of sending them to risk their lives between vehicles to become income earners, no matter the condition, Mr. Samuel Kofi Jones III told parents at the graduation ceremony of 18 kids from the Brucein H. M. Myers International School (Precious Jewels) located in Goba-Chop Road in Paynesville.

Mr. Jones is the principal and president of the Kalita Community College on Pipeline Road in Paynesville. He spoke on Sunday to families of the 18 kids at the graduation program of three K-5 classes and 15 pre-schoolers, held at the Liberty Chapel in Wood Camp.

Jones said giving quality education to kids, as exhibited by the Brucein H. M. Myers International School and reflected in the demonstrations by the graduation class, shows the value of imparting moral education to the kids. He was impressed with statements from the kids urging their parents to lead them to become people that society will be proud of; people who will love their country and assist each other.

“Parents your kids are your future bank accounts,” Jones said, “so invest in their future and reap the benefits in the end.”

He called on parents to make important spending quality time with their kids as they are growing up, because if that is not done, as the results are evident in the country, there is a high potential that they will grow into misfits, known as ‘zogoes’ in the Liberian society, who will become a danger to all.

“Keep making use of spending useful time with your kids and in the end you will reap bountifully,” he said. He said twenty or more years from now, “these precious jewels will be the ones to determine the future of the country.”

He commended parents, particularly mothers, for their love and care for their kids, and called on fathers to live up to the call of fatherhood to build a society that cares for the most fragile group in society.

“I also want to commend the Brucein H. M. Myers International School for their commitment to making these precious jewels worth their value,” he said.

The program also involved phonics drills, drama, career performance, vowel demonstration, among others. The K-5 class included Cecelia T. Dweh, Ambrose B. Czegarr and Beatrice Sherman, the dux.

The pre-school graduates included Charles B. Norris, Mamie Sheriff, Chelsea P. K. Yarh, Beatrice J. Wreh, Cyrus Tokpa and Melvin D. Serah.

Others were Richelieu Q. Davidson, K. Webster Nyanwor, Rhoda J. Yarkaduo, Cynnel M. Peters, Marron Pear, Confident S. Toe, Fatumata A.S. Konneh, Jackson Neufville and Benjamin G. Kezele.

Four members of the graduating class


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