‘Our Children Deserve the Best’, Says Deputy Education Minister Goll-Kotchi

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Deputy Education Minister for Administration, Hawah Goll-Kotchi has called on authorities of privately-owned or faith-based schools in the country to invest in the infrastructures employ well qualified teachers and administrators to make the education sector vibrant.

She said that owners of these institutions of learning should not cut corners and settle for anything short of improving the system, “because Liberian children deserve the best of education.”

Madam Kotchi made the statement over the weekend at program marking observance of the tenth anniversary of the O’Nance International Christian School located at 72nd Junction, near the S.K.D. Boulevard in Paynesville, outside Monrovia. The ceremony was held on the theme, “Making the Difference in the Liberian Education System in the 21st Century.”

According to her, proprietors of those privately-owned and faith-based institutions of learning need to work with the central government and other public institutions to deliver quality teaching to the youthful population.

“We must closely follow the school calendar, and the national curriculum to observe all the policies put in place by the Ministry of Education (MOE),” Deputy Minister Kotchi instructed.

She disclosed that authorities at the MOE were now working with the Civil Services Agency (CSA) to vet and verify teachers including those assigned at the central offices.

“As a private entity,” Minister Kotchi said, managers of private schools operating in the country should do their best by instituting measures that would improve the education sector.

The Deputy Minister however said, the MOE was trying to bring into the Liberian school system and central office staffers with formal training to update the system.

In another development, the principal of O’Nance International Christian School, Abraham Kipi has informed parents and guardians that some of their children were fully on the path of attaining quality education in the school as they were fully up to the tasks.

According to him, the students have grouped themselves into doing additional academic study involving the study in journalism.

Mr. Kipi however described the practice of journalism in the country as one of the challenging professions, which according to him the students are prepared for the future challenges.

 He acknowledged that the institution was working with the parents to ensure that the students achieve the highest standards of academic performance in the school.

“Although we are Christian school, we accept all students irrespective of religious affiliation and orientations.”

The O’Nance International Christian School was founded in 2004, primarily to buttress government efforts in providing sound education to students towards reducing the illiteracy rate in the country.

As a Christian institution, the mission of the institution also includes instilling Christian disciplines in students during their educational journey.

Before attaining it present secondary level, in 2004, classes started in a rented dwelling building, which was later partitioned into classrooms that accommodated the huge enrollment at the time.

On account of this, parents of students who were promoted beyond the schools level at the beginning requested the school management to add higher classes in order to continue their study in the school.

However, seen the need for expansion, management purchased a parcel of land within the vicinity of the existing facility, and commenced construction of what is now a multi-million dollar modern school complex.

The school has been transformed into three storey building that hosts all the classes from primarily to secondary levels.

The school was founded and is owned by Aaron J. Wheagar, Deputy Managing Director for Operations at the Liberian Petroleum Refining Corporation (LPRC). It is fully registered and accredited by authorities at the MOE as a private institution—a process that was completed in 2005.

The school has six administrative staff include the principal, vice principal, dean of student affairs and four coordinators.

It current enrollment is well over 450 with the male students constituting about 240, while female is 225.

The O’Nance International Christian School operates with the vision to ensure that nurtures academic excellence, develops Christian character and promotes responsibility in all the students.

The mission is to become God-fearing Christian School that seeks to create a positive environment that motivates students to achieve excellence in learning as they prepare to contribute to their communities and nation in the future.


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