O’Nance Int’l School Hold First Graduation Exercise


The campus of the O’Nance International Christian School was a scene of jubilation as the institution put out its first high school graduates, 11 of them, including 10 males and a female.

The program was held at the school auditorium located at 72nd in   Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

The School operates with the vision that nurtures academic excellence, develops Christian character and promotes responsibility in all the students.

The mission of O’Nance strives to become a God-fearing Christian School that seeks to create a positive environment that will motivate students to achieve excellence in learning as they prepare to contribute to their communities and nation in the future.

Assistant Minister for Teacher Education of the Ministry of Education, Moses B. Jackson, served as the keynote speaker.   He disclosed that the MOE is faced with huge challenges, noting that all over the world education has never been an easy profession.

The problem of substandard and low quality in Liberia’s  educational system is the fault of every Liberian.

“We all contributing to the low quality of education we have today, where high school students are reading at the elementary level, college students at the 9th grade level and Master’s  degree students at 10 grade level,” he observed.

He lamented that some parents downplay their children’s education, but rather encourage them into prostitution and corruption.

“You woman now oh, go look around; you can’t see your friends.” That is what some parents tell their daughters.

The school was founded in 2004, primarily to buttress government’s efforts in providing sound education to students towards reducing illiteracy and ignorance in the country.

The school was founded and is owned by Aaron J. Wheagar, Deputy Managing Director for Operations at the Liberian Petroleum Refining Corporation (LPRC). It is fully registered and accredited by authorities at the MOE as a private institution—a process that was completed in 2005.

The school has a current enrollment of over 450, 240  male students and 225 female.


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