NTAL Decries Teachers’ Pay System



The president of the National Teachers Association of Liberia (NTAL), Madam Ellen Fartu Varfley, has called on government to improve the pay system of teachers.

According to her, once this is done it will ensure that teachers are remain focused and stayed in the classrooms.

Ms. Varfley made the assertion at the end of a three-day seminar in Monrovia. The seminar was intended to build the capacity of Gender Coordinators of the NTAL.

Her statement comes after the government announced that it has allotted LD$6.9 million as salary payment to more than 200 public school teachers.

The teachers, many of whom come from the rural Liberia, congregated at the Ministry of Education (MOE) demanding their benefits.

According to the NTAL president, “It is not in the interest of the educational system for teachers to be leaving their assigned areas to converge on Monrovia in demand of pay. Each time the teachers leave the classroom the students suffer.”

Varfley noted that the teaching profession is plagued with many challenges and problems.

She described teachers as role models, and should be treated with all the respect they deserve.

The training program was organized by the leadership of the NTAL in collaboration with Education International, an NGO based in Brussels.

It brought together 30 female participants from the 15 sub-political divisions of Liberia.

Topics discussed during the seminar included: report writing, leadership skills, financial management, record keeping, gender issues, auditing and communication skills, among others. 


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