Nimba’s New DEO Wants Second High School in Bain Garr District


An official of the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Bain Garr Education District in Nimba County has stressed the need for an additional high school to accommodate the growing number of students seeking secondary education in the district.

District Education Officer (DEO), J. Lynon Martor, told the Liberia News Agency recently that the district has an overall enrollment of 23,050 students. This figure is comprised of 12,672 males and 10,378 females in 27 public schools in the district. Bain Garr district only has one high school.

This, he observed, has led to an overwhelming influx of students seeking high school education at the John Wesley Pearson (J.W. Pearson) High School.  J. W. Pearson High was established in the early 1950’s and remains the only senior high school in Ganta; the commercial capital of Nimba County.

Mr. Martor also lamented that the Pearson High School lacks adequate chairs and classrooms to accommodate the large number of students.

Recently, the Principal of the school, James Saye Kardamie, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer made a similar claim indicating that the lack of chairs and instructional materials was greatly hampering the learning conditions of the students.

Mr. Kardamie then attributed the inadequate supply of chairs to the school to what he described as, ‘constant theft of chairs due to the school compound’s lack of a fence.’

However, according to Mr. Martor, the only ongoing projects in the entire Bain Garr Education District are the renovation of the J. W Pearson auditorium and the Bain Garr DEO’s Office-located in the courtyard of the school.

The auditorium, he explained, contains three ‘new’ classrooms separated by plywood partitions and a hall that was constructed by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) in the late 70’s.

The DEO observed that the auditorium’s renovation project is being sponsored by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), while the renovation of the DEO’s office is being implemented as a community initiative, which still needs additional funding to complete.

Mr. Mator then called on Nimba County’s local government and development partners to build an additional high school to accommodate the large number of students seeking education in the most populated education district of the county.

He also appealed to the authorities at the MOE to provide chairs and prescribed text books to ease the difficulties faced by students and school administrators in imparting knowledge to their students.


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