Nimba CCC Inducts Student Leaders into Office

Atty. Wowoah installs the NCCC’s student_web.jpg

The Sanniquellie-based Nimba County Community College (NCCC) on Friday, February 28, 2014, inducted into office its student leadership to lead their affairs for the next two academic calendar years.

Those inducted into offices were the president, Prince Mehn, and the vice president, Jamesetta Sonkarly.

The two officials were inducted into their respective offices by the superintendent of the county’s prison compound, Atty. Harris G.T. Wowoah.

While performing the ceremony, Atty Wowoah admonished them to lead by setting good examples of governance that would accommodate all students irrespective of their differences.

In his inaugural address, the Student Council president, Prince Mehn, promised to make his leadership role viable through consultation with the NCCC’s Administration. He promised on behalf of his colleagues that through their installation, the recovery of the institution was on its way.

According to him, his administration was prepared to introduce a set of policies to foster peace and accelerate aid to any academicly deserving students, thus building a vibrant system of governance.

“There is still a long way to go in achieving all of our perceived objectives; no doubt, but our leadership will launch its recovery program with an honest inclusive style of leadership in the semesters to come,” Mr. Mehn declared.

“Since the NCCC’S inception a few years ago, it has become a fast growing student-oriented community college where the enrollment of students has been on the rise owing to the introduction of several degree granting programs and the growth of a qualified instructional staff,” he continued.

The program was attended by a cross-section of high profile Nimbaians including the ministers of National Defense, Brownie J. Samukai, Jr.; The Minister of Post and Telecommunication, Dr. Frederick Norkeh; former Education Minister, Dr. Joseph Z.D. Korto; and county development Superintendent, Teeko Tozay Yorlay, among others.

Minister Samukai, who served as Chief Launcher for the Student’s Center Project of the NCCC and a keynote speaker at the occasion, urged students to avoid acts that would be incompatible with acquiring a proper education.

He made a cash contribution of US$1,000 to the project. Others in attendance also made their personal financial contributions and made some pledges on behalf of their respective homes and institutions to the successful implementation of the project.

Minister Samukai praised the NCCC’s Administration and student leadership for the meticulous manner in which they conducted the affairs of the institution.

Prior to making the donation, Minister Samukai recalled how the cooperation existing between the NCCC and the political leadership of the county has built openness in the minds of the students.

About NCCC

The NCCC was established a few years ago by a charter of the new education Act. Its mission is to provide the best possible educational experience to every student wanting to achieve mid-level education in the form of an associate of arts degree.

Another of its founding goals is to search for new ways to reconcile, unify, improve and develop Nimba County as a whole in terms of its academic output.

The NCCC is headed by its president, Dr. Yah Donlah Gonway Gono. She told the Daily Observer in a brief interview following the close of the ceremony that she was committed to making the institution the best in education.


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