Never Too Late To Learn

-Assistant MYS Minister tells 144 graduates

Beneficiaries of the Youth Community Literacy Program who completed the how to read and write program

The Assistant Minister for Youth Development at the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS), Kula V. Fofana, has called on those who recently graduated from the Youth Community Literacy Program to focus on their education, saying, “It is never too late to learn.”

Youth Community Literacy Program, with support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, is assisting youth and adults from Montserrado County to read and write.

The program intends to teach 18 to 35 year-old, less fortunate, wayward, and school dropouts how to read and write.

The program provides other skills for youth who may have formal education, but lacked technical knowledge or skills, such as computer, sewing, and soap making.

Minister Fofana made the assertions on Friday at a program marking the 12th circle graduation exercise held at the 2nd Providence Baptist Elementary School on Johnson Street in Monrovia.

She expressed delight to see young men and women being part of such a program that intends to help them make decisions about their respective businesses, and even their children.

“Many people in Liberia need literacy education because it brings them up to the speed of technology. The issue of writing and reading cannot be overemphasized because of the huge benefits attached to it,” Minister Fofana said.

She encouraged the graduates to advance themselves and not to look at age as a disadvantage when seeking further education.

“You need to advance yourself to help the children at home with their assignments, manage your own businesses, and be able to make sound education decision that would help the family,” Fofana told the new graduates.


  1. Education in Liberia is like talking about the weather. Everybody in Liberia knows about the rainy and dry seasons. Everybody knows what these seasons do to the country; yet nobody does anything about the weather!!


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