Muslim Congress Principal Lectures on Career Development


The principal of Muslim Congress High School (MCHS) has urged students to make choices that will lead to successful career development, noting, “It is also advisable for one to follow their intuition, or those things that motivate them in many choices.”

According to Mrs. Zainab Assaf, though career has traditionally been associated with paid employment, today’s world presents a very different perspective to this ideal–with the term seen as a continuous process of learning and development.

There is a series of activities that contribute to good career development that the students need to learn and emulate, said Madam Assaf.

These include education, training, employment, work experience, community activities, enterprise activities, volunteer work, different life roles and leisure activities in a constantly changing world of work.

Mrs. Assaf spoke recently to a group of students from various Islamic schools in and outside Monrovia at a one day career development workshop organized for senior students under the theme, “How Do I Help Liberia Develop?”

The ceremony was held on the campus of the Muslim Congress High School in Monrovia on the topic, “How to Develop, Pursue and Achieve a Career.”

As a career developer, she cautioned the students to know themselves, what they like, what they are good at, and what is important to them, especially their respective values, adding, “You need to understand the world of work and learning how to make informed decisions.”

In this new climate, she said, individuals need to be adaptable, dynamic, innovative, flexible, resilient, self-initiative and collaborative to accommodate and thrive in workplaces, or create work for themselves.

“The concept of a job for life is no longer a reality. Young people are now likely to experience five to eight major career changes in their lives in a variety of industries or sectors. They will also be experiencing more fluid forms of work with increasing casual, contract and part-time work options,” she noted.

For his part, Alieu F. Nyei, Assistant Minister for Fiscal Affairs and Expenditure at the Ministry of Financial Development Planning (MFDP), spoke on the topic, “The Impact of an Achieved Career.”

Mr. Nyei expressed gratitude for the seminar, which aimed to guide young people in making informed decisions in life.

He said many young people need guidance, mentorship and someone who can basically talk to them, both at high school and university levels, on their careers, objectives and goals.

“Choosing something that you are passionate about can help you to make the needed impact in your life and society. We need to know the kind of career we develop and how we go about in the selection process,” he said.

He spoke on the importance of integrity, emphasizing that “regardless of whatsoever career you have, if you do not have integrity, it will be very difficult to succeed.”

K. Ishmael V. Corneh, President of the Consortium of Muslim Youth Organizations, who organized the seminar, said the dialogue focused on the career development of young people.

He said since the Consortium of Muslim Youth Organizations receives subsidy from the national government, it decided to implement programs that would help the youth to make informed decisions.


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