More Private Schools to Be Shut Down in Ganta If……

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The District Education Officer of Bain Garr Education District in Nimba County has threatened to close down private schools that do not have qualified teachers.

Speaking to the Daily Observer in a recent interview at his office in Ganta, DEO J. Lanon Martor said most privately-run academic institutions lack qualified teachers as far as his assessment is concerned, and as such, he is calling on them to qualify their teachers or be shut down.

According to him, most of these schools were established either by churches or individuals, and do not have competent and qualified instructors to properly teach students.

He said more training institutions are being established throughout the country where people can acquire instruction on Education. Therefore, schools and individuals without qualified teachers should train their staff at these institutions to meet the required standards requested by the Ministry of Education.

Giving a specific reference, Mr. Martor indicated that the Christian Foundation Teacher Training Institute, is a place that teachers can take advantage of to qualify themselves.

“We are carrying on registration of schools to know exactly how many schools are operating in Ganta and the entire district.  The registration would consider teachers of each school and their qualifications.  If teachers therein are high school graduate and below, the school would be closed down until it can get qualified teachers. We are not joking with this as far as the policy governing education in Liberia is concerned,” Mr. Martor stressed.

He further stressed that primary education is the foundation that leads a person in the right direction, noting, “We cannot continue to have a system where unqualified people will be in classrooms teaching what they do not know, we will make sure every school qualifies its teachers or close it down if it fails.”

Mr. Martor added that the issue of unqualified teachers was not the only problem. He said the condition of school buildings and their seating was also being taken into consideration in disqualifying a school from operating.


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