MOE Releases 2015 Academic Calendar

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In keeping with the February 2 school reopening date set by the government, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has released the calendar of events for academic year 2015.

The MOE has hence warned school administrators to abide by the academic calendar to ensure the smooth management of school activities across the country.

In line with procedures, all private and mission schools are required to display current “Operational Permits” along with copies of revenue receipts from the Ministry of Finance, Development and Planning in order to avoid paying any money to district education officers.

The new calendar limits each school to only one instructional day to be set aside for gala day activities with an appropriate make-up day to ensure maximum completion of instructional class time.  Elaborate gala activities marked by parades, sports and socials, a much anticipated event among students during the school year, are discouraged.

Banning a rampant practice among schools, the MOE warns that any private or public school found collecting tissue, soap, arm chairs or reams of paper from students will pay a fine of L$50,000.

The calendars of all private, boarding and faith-based schools must be consistent with the MOE academic calendar, whereby all schools are required to complete a minimum of 187 days of instruction.

Commencing the first semester, old and new students were to register from January 12-17 followed by orientations from January 19-24, with emphasis being placed on Ebola awareness.

The first instructional period will run from February 2 to March 18 and the second marking period will ensue from March 19 to May 4.  Easter Break will be observed from April 3-6 immediately followed by the third marking period from May 5 to June 16.  

 A fortnight ago, the government, through the Ministry of Education (MOE), announced the resumption of basic academic activities with immediate effect beginning Monday, January 12.

Registration for old and new students will be followed by teacher orientation and other preparatory activities.

Thereafter, according to MOE authorities, instruction will commence effective Monday, February 2, during which time and subsequently until Liberia is declared Ebola-free, school administrators and students are being urged to observe strictly the Ebola preventive measures.

Early last year, schools throughout the country were ordered closed during the second outbreak of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) that claimed the lives of 3000 people in the country.

The decision of the government to reopen schools is the result of the drastic decline in the number of new Ebola cases across the country.


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