MOE Disrespected NTAL


The Ministry of Education (MOE) did not show respect for the National Teachers Association of Liberia (NTAL) and other stakeholders when it outsourced a portion of the country’s education to partners, according to the President of the National Christian Council of Liberia (NCCL).

Bishop J. Rudolph Marsh, NCCL president, blamed the root cause of the education crisis that led to teachers staging a go slow and demonstrations leading to the suspension and dismissal of some of the teachers, to the MoE’s introduction of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) without inviting all stakeholders to a roundtable consultation.

Addressing a press conference hosted by NCCL in Sinkor, Monrovia, to present the resolution from the mediation the NCCL conducted on September 30 and October 25, Bishop Marsh said the MoE should know that it is not operating in a vacuum.

The NTAL is the umbrella organization for both public and private school teachers and several other education workers as created by a Legislative Act in 1958.

The entity operates with support from the Monrovia Consolidated School System Teachers Association (MCSSTA), scholarship students, Liberia National Student Union and some key education worker organizations, who all allegedly condemned the PPP and the non-standard test administered by MoE.

In their resolution, Bishop Marsh said the NCCL has observed that the MoE did not consult all key stakeholders in the education sector during the outsourcing, an act tantamount to disrespecting the teachers.

The NCCL president also said that the test given by the Ministry and the biometric ID card process were carried out without any prior knowledge of the NTAL. He said WAEC Certificate is considered as the key document to authenticate teachers’ legitimate qualification, and that the biometric process “was not good.”

NCCL recommends that all teachers and principals whom the MOE dismissed should be reinstated and all suspensions halted until the situation is properly addressed, Bishop Marsh said.

The president of the NTAL, Madam Mary Mulbah, appreciated the NCCL’s efforts, but called on the council to see to it that all agreements at the reconciliation meetings are adhered to by all parties, including the MoE.

Also speaking, the Chairman of the Mediating Committee, Reverend Dr. Jasper Ndaborlor, said the best way forward to resolving differences is for the aggrieved parties to come together at a peaceful dialogue table, rather than doing the wrong things to satisfy personal desires.


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