LoneStar Cell MTN Reaches Out to Schools

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LoneStar Cell MTN has targeted five schools in its 21 days of “Y’ello Care” to benefit from services employees are set to provide.

The 21 days of ‘Y’ello Care’ is an outreach activity under the company’s social responsibility program to impact the lives of customers in selected communities at a time for 21 days in all 21 countries in Africa where MTN exists. It was launched yesterday in Monrovia.

Schools to benefit include the John P. Mitchell High School at Marshall Junction along the Roberts Field Highway, Marvii Sonii Elementary & Junior High School in Clara Town, Monrovia; Rebecca J. Wilson Elementary School in Old Road, Anna F. Whisnant Elementary School in the PHP Community and the Slipway Elementary School in Monrovia.

LoneStar Cell MTN Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Babatunde Osho, said as a business entity existing in Liberia, the company is under obligation to give back to its customers, and not to only make money out of them.

He said education was important to the survival of any individual or nation, and as such, they chose to reach out to schools to provide services including teaching, cleaning up and providing facilities that may be lacking in any of the selected schools.

Mr. Osho indicated that contemporary learning requires acquaintance with the internet as devices with the World Wide Web are found almost everywhere, and as such, they need to teach how students can explore the internet.

He assured that during the 21 days of activities in schools and on campuses impacts of LoneStar Cell will be felt and beneficiaries will not regret ever choosing LoneStar Cell.
In remarks, Assistant Superintendent of the Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS), Roseline Sherman, said in most instances, LoneStar identifies with schools and the education sector in general.

She cited LoneStar’s contributions to workshops for teachers during the Ebola crisis as one instance for which she admires the company.
She commended the communication company for its contributions to schools in the country and under MCSS.

For his part, the principal of the John P. Mitchell, J. Henry Lloyd, commended LoneStar for selecting his school to benefit from the program.

He said while the school has been elevated to secondary level, there are still challenges that prevent it from reflecting the standard to which it is being elevated.

He said part of the building is still under construction and toilet facilities are not available. He added that instead of the library being used for the purpose for which it is intended, it is used as a classroom for the primary students.

He attributed the misdirection to lack of textbooks to make the library useful.

Meanwhile, Margibi County Senator Jim Tornolah thanked LoneStar and urged students to take advantage of the opportunity they have to learn, noting, “If you learn and become educated, you can change society, but if you do not, society can change you and you will always be a subordinate.”


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