Liberian Becomes Youngest Pilot at Delta Airlines

Neyor praises the school that led to his success in aviation.

Gamaliel Marcus Neyor, 31, a son of Christopher Neyor, former president of National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), is highly appreciative of the impact Southeastern Oklahoma State University in the United States has had on his professional life as an emerging young pilot from Liberia.

Recently becoming the youngest captain at Delta Airlines, the proud alumnus praises the school that led to his success in the aviation field.

“Southeastern was pivotal in preparing me for my career,” Neyor told Aviation Institute’s campus-based journal.

Neyor graduated from Plano West Senior High School in 2003. Following graduation, he researched the Southeastern aviation sciences program and scheduled a campus tour. It did not take long for him to decide this was the place for him to pursue his sky-high dreams. The high quality aviation program, affordable price, warm climate and a special feature in U.S. News and World Report magazine put Southeastern at the top of Neyor’s shortlist.

In the fall of 2007, Neyor graduated cum laude from Southeastern with a degree in Aviation Management and a minor in Business.

“I chose aviation management because it allowed me to mix my first passion, aviation, with something else I was interested in, business,” Neyor said. “I tell everyone I was very fortunate to know what I have always wanted to do from a very young age.”

When he was young, Neyor’s family flew often for vacation travel. His entire interest in aviation took a life-changing turn after visiting the flight deck of a jumbo jet on one of those vacation flights with his parents.

“My Mom took me to the flight deck and I have been hooked ever since,” said Neyor.

As the youngest captain at Delta Airlines, Neyor says his success stems from timing, luck and being responsive to opportunities when they present themselves. He claims there is no secret formula to success, but says students should always try to improve their professional skills and be ready to take advantage of career boosting chances.

Neyor said he regularly recommends the university as a fantastic choice for aviation students. He emphasizes the faculty connections, and said he still stays in touch with Aviation Management Chair, Dr. Stan Alluisi, Aviation Program Chair, George Jacox, and Chief Flight Instructor, Kyle Thomas, who all played an important role in his education and development as a pilot.

Outside of work, Neyor is passionate about traveling, fitness, investing, technology and sports. With the travel benefits that come with his work, he and wife Rose travel often to explore new places and cultures.

In addition, he is a big Dallas Cowboys fan, soccer club Real Madrid enthusiast and loves to have the newest and sleekest technology that makes life easier.

Although the young highly qualified pilot is steadfast in his belief that there is no secret to success, he says it best when he references his airlines slogan, “Keep Climbing.”

Another thing young Neyor keeps in his mind is that one day, “I will return to Liberia and contribute to the development agenda.”



  1. Thank you Marcus for putting Liberia on the aviation map of pilots. You can always be what you want to be in this World. I hope your career will set as an example to other young Liberians in America. God bless you and hope to see you in the friendly sky of Delta Airlines one day soon

  2. Mr. Neyor, Liberians all over the world are pride of you and pray that God sustains you by his mercy. Hope this should also pave the way for other young desirous Liberians. God bless you sir and your parents who assisted you thus far.

  3. Mr.Neyor,
    Thanks for restoring the hopes and dreams of all Liberians. I believe there is still more out there we can aim at. May God keep you save.

  4. This is awesome and very interesting. The opportunity in this country should be taken advantage of as our brother Marcus did. More blessings and protection.

  5. So very proud of you cos, your mom would have been so proud of you. We all wish you well and sky is the limit. We were all proud to have had 2 young pilots from our family. God’s blessings and protection in the sky. Our country Liberia 🇱🇷 is proud of you.✈✈

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