LEAD Graduates over 29 ‘C’ Certificate Teachers

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The Liberia Educational Action for Development (LEAD) held its 15th Commencement Convocation over the weekend for 29 teachers who graduated with “C” Certificates in several teaching disciplines.

Seven others also graduated with certificates from the LEAD Cycle 2 Vocational Program.

The Commencement Convocation, which took place at the Gardnersville Town Hall, also brought together the students’ families, friends, well-wishers and the public.

The keynote speaker, Charles Coffey, called on the graduates to use their acquired training to help strengthen the “messy” education sector. He spoke on the topic, “The Significance of Having Trained Teachers in the Classroom.”

Mr. Coffey reminded the graduates of the need to use their expertise to help tackle the country’s social, economic and political problems.

He added: “Education is very important to the survival of the state, because it is the tool that builds the foundation of any nation.”

Mr. Coffey commended the graduates for the bold steps they took to acquire the basic training for effective teaching.

“When we do not have prepared and trained teachers, our school going children will grow up confused, due to the lack of quality education that will impact their lives,” he said, while commending the LEAD management for preparing the teachers to enter the teaching profession.

He also commended the instructors for preparing the teachers, who will enter the teaching profession to help mold the minds of children.

The valedictorian, Bernice Aryeetey, called for the participation of women in the country’s educational system. She said the days are gone when women were only considered as housewives, backbenchers, and child-bearers.

She praised the dominant female participation among the graduates and called on younger females to desire the spirit of competition between them and their male colleagues.

Roger V. Sunyard, LEAD’s Program and Training Director, reminded the graduates of the challenges that lie ahead of them, noting, “You have a major role to play in the country’s education system.”

LEAD was founded in 1994 when the country was engulfed in a civil crisis to fill in the gap when trained teachers and other education practitioners were forced into exile. Since then, LEAD has trained hundreds of teachers throughout the country.

The training, according to LEAD’s mission statement, is intended to augment government’s efforts in the areas of primary, secondary, technical and vocational education.

LEAD aims to provide quality education through teacher training.


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