Launch of Montserrado Inter-High School Debate

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Devine Events and Consultancy (DEC), an institution established to help the Ministry of Education to improve the educational sector by coming up with specific events that will positively impact the educational system, has officially launched another edition of the Montserrado Inter High School Debate Competition. The competition will feature 80 schools from across the county.

“This super Friday thing was creeping into our society, breaking the fabric of our country. Many of our future leaders we look up to were greatly turning into social giants,” said Alex Devine, founder and CEO of DEC.

He said the education system has been plagued by many negative events, and that it is the responsibility of young people to design programs that will help government and its international partners to improve the sector.

“The fight to advance Liberia’s education sector does not only rest on the shoulders of the MOE, but it requires consolidated efforts to make that happen, and we intend to be a part of that,” he said.

“We initiated this inter-high school debate to get rid of this whole super Friday thing by turning it into academic Friday. Our second objective is to make sure that we inspire academic excellence for students to go beyond the normal classroom activities to do research,” he added.

Devine said that the DEC is providing a platform for students to discuss national issues with logic, and to build up their intellectual capacities.

“If young people are to take over the leadership in the near future, we should prepare them academically,” he said.

The program commenced last academic year with 16 schools participating.

With the upcoming debate tournament, Devine said the DEC has divided Montserrado County into four structures, making it different from the first tournament.

This year’s competition will kick off on December 18 with the grand final slated for April, 2016. The competition is co-sponsored by Samba Juice, a production of Corina Hotel and Sam’s Barbeque in Sinkor.


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