‘Investment in Education Breeds Enviable Dividends’


A Lofa County Senator has said that sustained investment in education would breed enviable dividends for the nation’s educational sector.

Senator George Tamba Tengbeh made the assertion last Sunday at the launch of a US$1 million education fund drive under the auspices of Foya University Student Association (FUSA) in Gardnerville, outside Monrovia.

The Senator cautioned the FUSA leadership, supporters and stakeholders not to   launch the financial aid program as an event.

The youthful Lofa Senator stressed that the financial initiative should be taken to all sector of the Liberian society, especially the kinsmen and women of the Foya Statutory District in the country.

He also challenged the FUSA leadership, supporters and stakeholders to consider making financial reports and documentations to the sponsors, students and critical persons associated with the financial aid program. 

He also called on the sponsors, supporters and stakeholders to continue supporting the educational initiative in a bid to ensure the enhancement of the manpower needs of the district in the years to come.

The Lofa Senator further stressed the need for Foya citizens and residents in the West and other parts of the world always to see the compelling need to support students that seek education at the primary, secondary and university levels. 

Senator Tengbeh described FUSA’s financial aid initiative as ‘a laudable project that should be supported by all well meaning Liberians that consider education as a reliable alternative to a successful life.’

“We have committed ourselves over years to support and fund the fund FUSA’s financial aid initiative because some of us are of strong conviction that such investment would help the younger generation of Liberians to acquire a secure  future for themselves.”  

In closing, Senator Tengbeh made a modest contribution of LD$20,000.00 as an initial gesture toward the fund drive.

In a statement, District #1 Representative in Lofa County Eugene Fallah Kparkar lauded FUSA’s financial aid program for the tenacity, fortitude and determination exhibited over the years.

He donated an initial amount of US$1000.00 to the drive.

Through a proxy, District #3 Representative Clarence Momolu Kortu Massaquio urged the students and leadership of FUSA to continue pursuing education. 

He donated US$100.00 to the drive.

For his part, the former secretary general of Diompilor Association, Montgomery T. Ndorbor Saah, urged FUSA to collaborate with their kinsmen and women in the United States of America in order to broaden the scope of the financial aid program. 

He commended the FUSA leadership for over the years supporting most of their kinsmen and women in the pursuit of education.


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