Indian Community Donates US$4,000 of Medical Supplies to UMU

Mr. Gwaikolo- “The contribution will .jpg

The Indian Community in Liberia has donated medical supplies valued at about US$4,000, to the United Methodist University (UMU) to enhance the capacity of the University’s nursing program.

The consignment of supplies was a combined donation from three pharmacies Indian nationals are operating in Liberia. They are B-Kay Pharmacy, Lucky Pharmacy and Abeer Pharmacy.

The medical items, according to a UMU release, include anatomical models and delivery sets that consist of adult male-female human pelvis, fetus skull, nursing manikins or teaching art for medicine, intravenous (IV) injection training pad, weight scales for infants, MVE sets, suction machines containing surgical instrument sucks as kits and fetal heart checking devices.

UMU Board Member, Monie R. Captan, received the items on behalf of the university, and later presented them to the UMU interim president, Johnson Gwaikolo.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gwaikolo has commended members of the Indian community, especially the managements of the three pharmacies, for the donation, which he said would enhance the learning experience of nursing students at the UMU.

Mr. Gwaikolo said the contribution from the Indian community exemplifies to students of the university the goodness and integrity of the community, adding, “Your contribution will immensely improve our nursing program.”


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