In Montserrado Inter High School Debate, Ricks Institute Defeat J.W. Harris


Ricks Institute put up a stunning performance in the final minutes to defeat J.W Harris Memorial High School in the ongoing Inter High School Debate under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.

Ricks Institute (Negative) and J.W Harris Memorial High School (Affirmative) resolved on the topic: “Non-Negro Descent Should Be Granted Citizenship in Liberia”, with Ricks emerging as the winner at the end of the day with a score of 84.98 – 83.11.

The debate between Ricks Institute and J.W Harris Memorial High School lived up to its expectation as a Clash of the Titans, with both schools displaying remarkable tenacity and putting up fine arguments.

Speaking on the affirmative, the J.W Harris team said: “For many years, the non-negroes…have contributed immensely to Liberia’s growth, but because they are not citizens they leave Liberia for their homeland to make significant investments.

“Because non-negroes are not allowed to become citizens, they cannot make huge investments of their profits back into the development of other sectors and not taking their civil responsibilities seriously.

“This is the time we should forget about racism in order to allow non-negroes to become citizens of Liberia. Today, around the world Liberians have been granted citizenship in other countries, but yet non-negroes have been denied in our own country.”

For negative, the Ricks Institute team said: “Article 26 (b) should be maintained if Liberia must live in peace free from the situation were those aspects of our culture and values such as Poro and the Sande societies will be destroyed when non-negroes become citizens.

“Let it be clear that these societies serve as the nucleus of our culture and value that prepared men and women to become responsible citizens, not the non-negro’s own that teaches homosexuality and lesbianism.

“We are of the strong opinion that if citizenship is granted to non-negroes, it will cause a situation where blue collar jobs will be exclusively reserved for the poverty stricken as well as cause xenophobia.”

Meanwhile, in Zone 1 (Central Monrovia) Calvary Baptist High School (Affirmative) lost to Apostolic Foundation (Negative) 68.88- 74.26 on the topic: “There shall be term limitation for members of the legislature.”

In Zone 3 (Somalia Drive) Henri Wilmot Dennis United Methodist School (Affirmative) de Dujar High School (Negative) 77-58 resolved on: “The Pre-condition for foreigners investing in Liberia must require partnership with Liberians.”

Also in Zone 3, Special Project High School (Affirmative) lost to Garnerville Wesleyan High School (Negative) 70-84 debating the topic: “The youth of Liberia should take state power now.”

For Zone 2, William Ben Institute (Affirmative) of Paynesville fell short to St. Kathleen Mcguire Catholic Memory High School (Negative) by 71-87 points, when they resolved on the topic: “In order to enhance the educational system, the government should make a policy setting 75% as minimum score for passing in our school system.”


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