In Montserrado Inter-High School Debate: Len Miller Loses to Wesleyan High


Len Miller High School, which topped last year’s Montserrado Inter-High School Debate, has been trounced in the knockout stage of the competition by Gardnersville Wesleyan High School. Len Miller failed to maintain its excellent form which its team exhibited last year.

At the start of the debate, a large section of the divided audience shouted in support of Len Miller while describing Gardnersville Wesleyan as the “underdog.”

But surprisingly, at the end of the debate, the three judges announced the score in favor of Garnerville Wesleyan 86-80 points against their feared rival Len Miller.

Both schools resolved on the topic, “Should the Government Grant Prosecuting Power to Liberia Anti Corruption Commission (LACC)?”

Presenting their affirmative side of the argument, Len Miller quoted section 5.1 of the LACC Act, which says, “…The Commission should have prosecuting powers to eradicate corrupt practices from the Liberian society.”

Borrowing a line from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Len Miller team argued that “Granting direct prosecutorial power will strengthen the LACC, insulate it from reliance on external entities of government and help dispel notions that decisions to prosecute and not to prosecute are politically motivated.” The team contended that it was about time the President’s argument was supported and said it was convinced that LACC be granted prosecutorial power in order to properly fight corruption.

On the negative side of the debate, Gardnersville Wesleyan argued that “LACC as an autonomous and independent body established through an Act of Legislature in August 2008, has no provision to prosecute, rather it is only the Judiciary that has the power to prosecute whoever commits an offense, be it a corrupt practice or not…”

Meanwhile, in the other two debates Apostolic Foundation High School (Affirmative) defeated Jimmy Jolocon (Negative) 82-84 on the topic, “Should Africa Use a Single Currency?”

Earlier Lombardia walked away with free points after J.J Roberts failed to turn up for the debate.

The debate is held every week by the Devine Event and Consultancy under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and powered by Cellcom GSM and other partners including Samba Juice and the Ministry of Information.


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