‘Hope’ Revamps Academic Activities for “Destitute Children”

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Hope for the Nation, a charitable organization based in Nimba, has revamped its activities for ‘malnourished and destitute children.’

The director,  Madam Ruth Zansi, told the Daily Observer over the weekend, that prior to the Ebola crisis, the institute was catering to about 132 destitute children, some of them orphans or malnourished.

Since the Ebola epidemic, the number of children in the institute has increased from 132 to about 168, with 33 of them being Ebola-affected children whose parents died from the disease, while 68 others are malnourished.

Mrs. Zansi explained that due to the proximity of Ganta to Guinea, the organization is also doing cross border caring for the malnourished children, “because about 80 percent of them are Guineans.

She narrated that Hope for the Nation is providing many other services including health care, education for school going children and vocational education for the overage children that are under their control.

Hope for the Nation manages the school called “Hope Academy” in Ganta. Owing to the high cost of school fees this year, the Hope Academy provides what many consider ‘tuition-free school’ for the students from kindergarten to high school level.

Hope of the Nation started operation in September 1999 as a pilot project to train Liberians to take the lead in the running of the project after five years.

It is sponsored by a Canadian called Ken McAllister, with the sole objective of helping Liberians by providing support for Children at risk in terms of protection, requisite diets and seeing these children become good leaders.      

Mrs. Ruth Zansi praised another Christian-based NGO called Christian Aid for providing resources which enables them to care for the children. 


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