GYCCN Targets Street Selling Children for Education


The Global Youth and Children for Christ Network (GYCCN) is targeting children who sell on the streets to offer them ‘free education’ as schools are about to open for the 2016/2017 academic year, the executive director has said.

Jacob S. Benson, a youth himself, over the weekend told the Daily Observer that his foundation’s primary objective is to contribute towards the recruitment and provision of ‘tuition-free’ education to children selling on the streets of Monrovia and its environs.

The GYCCN was established in 2014 to raise funds through donations from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), philanthropists, churches and charities to help underprivileged children, mainly those found selling in the streets to acquire the tuition to enroll in school.

“As a young man, I feel sad each time I see these children selling when they should be in school,” Benson said.

“These children need the basic social services, but their parents lack the means to provide for them due to economic challenges. This is why we have come to support their quest for education through the GYCCN by not only sending them to school, but also helping them acquire moral discipline through Biblical teachings,’’ he said.

The GYCCN has paid the tuition of over 100 street selling-kids, who were found selling at some schools in Paynesville, over the past three academic years.

The Chairman, Charles B. Weah II, said they have a 7-man monitoring team on the field that ensures the children are in school and that their parents are also aware of them being in the classroom.

According to Weah, eight of the children whose parents died during the 2014 Ebola outbreak, have been recruited by the GYCCN and given special attention through counseling, regular academic tutorial sessions and the provision of clothing and food.

“We take these children as our own to the extent that we seek financial support not only from friends in Liberia, but from our Diaspora partners to help these children go to school,” Weah said.

The Tubman United Methodist Church, Paynesville Assembly of God Church (A.G.M) and Effort Baptist Church among other churches are contributing to the GYCCN scholarship fund.

Jerry Davies, father of Simeon Davies, a beneficiary of the GYCCN scholarship program, told this newspaper that the foundation has over the past two academic years paid the entire cost of his son’s education.

He expressed gratitude to GYCCN for not only taking care of his son’s tuition, but helping to counsel him.


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