GYCCN Targets 300 ‘Street Selling’ Children for Scholarship


Some parents, who find it difficult to send their children to school due to the high cost of tuition, now stand the chance to smile as the Global Youth and Children for Christ Network (GYCCN) launches its scholarship fund drive to pay the tuition of ‘street selling’ children as well as children whose parents or guardians died from the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD) in 2014.

During its executive meeting recently in Monrovia, the GYCCN leadership announced a plan to host a fund-raising rally on November 25 to generate US$25,000 to underwrite tuition costs for less fortunate children, those mainly selling in the streets of Monrovia and children who lost their parents or guardians during the Ebola outbreak.

‘’The objective of our gathering was to develop conscious minds in designing a program through which we will raise funds and send children who are needlessly doing petit businesses to school,’’ Charles B. Weah II, the GYCCN Executive Director, said.

Mr. Weah said the need to impact the lives of the less fortunate children does not require much talking from people expected to help the suffering children.

‘’The too much of talking has never helped us solve our problems; and so, we don’t have to neglect these children only because we don’t have money. Let’s collaborate to save the future of a child who is looking for a sense of direction,’’ Mr. Weah said.

Pastor James Kennie, a GYCCN Board member, the underscored the importance of making the pending program a success, which he said is in line with the vision to positively touch the lives of at least a less fortunate child and rebuild hope in the parents or guardians.

Kennie then admonished the program committee to sacrifice all it requires to give the program a life worthy of sustaining.

He meanwhile called on everyone to transpire the minds of the destitute children to do the right thing.

Kennie is the proprietor of the Heavenly Academy – a school located on Pago Island in Congo Town, which has absorbed 40 of the over 120 students that are at benefiting from the GYCCN scholarship program.

For her part, the Manager of the Good-Will Market located on the Duport Road, Ms. Annie Tuazama, said she is prepared to help GYCCN achieve its goals, especially those centred on the education of children who are desperately in need but do not have the opportunity due to circumstances beyond the control of their parents or guardians.

GYCCN is a not-for profit Christian-based organization that seeks the welfare of less fortunate children through counselling, life skills training and payment of school fees. It was founded in 2012 with the objective to help educate less fortunate children.


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