Grass Overtakes Training Center in Ganta

Bangladeshi training center lies in ruin in Ganta._web.jpg

A training center erected by the Bangladeshi Contingent, dub BANBATT 4  that served with the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), has now been taken over by grass as the contingent had left the county following the expiration of their call of duty.

The center was a place for acquiring technical knowledge in areas of computer science, generator repair, first aid nursing, amongst other specifics.

The center named “Bangladeshi-Liberia Friendship,” was constructed and dedicated in 2007 under the leadership of the then Contingent’s charismatic commander, Colonel Abdul Hoque of the Bangladeshi Military ‘4th’ Cantonment.

During the dedicatory ceremony, which was attended by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and an array of government officials and other foreign guests including a visiting Jordanian Queen, and U.S. Billionaire, George Soro, Col. Hoque remarked that “There was nothing worthy the Bangladeshi Contingent can leave with the people of Liberia other than education.”

He believes that after years of war, it was necessary to develop the youth and human capacity to produce what they can eat, noting that, “Any country that fails to feed itself is doomed to poverty.”

Since the final batch of the BANBATT Contingent departed Ganta about a year now, training activities have stalled. Now that grass has taken the center, residents are wondering as to what the local education authority would do to revamp the center.

As the Bangladeshi left, it was incumbent upon the city authority to take over the training center, but perhaps because of lack of needed equipment and manpower it is abandoned.

Before erecting the center, BANBATT Contingent was training Liberians at their base previously located on the Ganta Methodist Mission ground, where hundreds of men and women acquired trainings in various areas of interest.

The center is built on the campus of the John Wesley Pearson High School, but whether or not the school administration will take charge of the training center remains uncertain.

Ganta City authority that could take over such a facility is in transition as its Mayor, Dorr Cooper, has been appointed as Assistant Superintendent for Development, while Benjamin Dookpa is to replace him.  Both of the new appointees are waiting for confirmation by the Liberian Senate.

The newly appointed Mayor in an interview earlier told this paper that his main priority for Ganta City will include opening of streets and resolving the long existing land crisis among the inhabitants.

As for the center education purpose, J.W. Pearson Principal, Saye Kardarmein, has expressed optimism that upon recommencement of classes, he would request the students to initiative an all-out clean-up campaign to give the entire campus and surroundings a facelift.


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