Grand Gedeh College to Construct New Facilities


President of the Grand Gedeh Community College County (GGCCC), Dr. Solomon X. Y. Jallayo, has disclosed plans by the college to erect a new building on the campus at the cost of US$1.25 million to host activities of the students and faculty.

Dr. Jallayo said the design for the building includes four academic units, one multi-purpose complex and a football field.

The money, he said, was allotted in 2015 from the Grand Gedeh County Development Fund, adding that only US$3 million was allotted from the County Sitting.

Explaining the delay since 2015, Dr. Jallayo said that “the construction project had to go through the Public Procurement and Concessions Commission (PPCC) processes along with the Ministry of Public Works bidding process for the construction work to kick off.”

Describing the road leading to the campus, Dr. Jallayo labeled it as terrible compelling the administration and the student leadership to construct a detour route.

According to him, out of the US$500,000 allotted in the National Budget for the college, the school was receiving US$4, 750, as a result of ‘budget shortfall.’

He said with such a small amount of money, the college is finding it difficult to run an effective staff of 80 personnel on a monthly budget of US$33,000, while personnel cost is US$380,000, which poses serious challenges to operating the institute.

The GGCCC operates six departments including Education, Health Sciences, Agriculture, Science and Technology, Divinity and Business and Public Administration.

The college currently has 750 students, and recently administered an entrance exam to over 100 prospective students.


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