Graduates Urged To Pursue Higher Education

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The J.W. Harris Memorial School System at Bong Mines Bridge over the weekend celebrated its 4th graduation and closing exercise.

The keynote speaker at the occasion, Mr. G. Nagbae Saylee, urged the nine graduates to continue their academic sojourn, rather than being satisfied with a high school diploma. Four females  and five males graduated.

Mr. Nagbae, who spoke on the theme, “Education Is the Key to Success,” admonished the graduates, not to be complacent with the high school education, but to consider that as the beginning of the process to higher education.

According to him, high school education was good, “because it paved the way to the academic stopover through which the students are informed as to the way to attain their academic success since that brightens their future.

To the parents, Mr. Nagbae expressed gratitude for their support, but advised them to continue, because it is by the parents’ support that the students will continue on their  academic journey.  
Earlier in her valedictory  address, Ms. Rachel-Lynn Cole, called on her fellow graduates to remain disciplined and serious in their study and work.

The J. W. Harris Memorial School System is privately- owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Amos P. Wisshed. It was established as a computer school about four years ago, and later developed into a full-fledged high school accredited by authorities at the Ministry  of Education.


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