Governor Jones Addresses UMU Students

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Central Bank Executive Governor, Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, has told students at the United Methodist University that the surest way for one to succeed in life is to become fully educated and do away with the age-old “dependency syndrome.”

Dr. Jones observed the world with all its diverse and advanced technology depends on people with the requisite educational qualifications, not on people who will jostle (shove, elbow) their way through life through reliance on handouts and other ideas.

Liberians, he said, would only become successful if they are fully educated with the necessary skills needed for progress.

Governor Jones made the statement over the weekend when he delivered the keynote address at a program marking the official induction ceremony of officers-elect of the United Methodist University (UMU) Student Council (UMUSC) 2013/2014.

The ceremony, which was held under the theme: “UMU First, UMU Last, UMU Always,” was punctuated by rounds of applause from the audience, most them the students.

According to Dr. Jones, “when students are encouraged to learn they will in turn get a good education and strive for excellence. This promotes them to strive for excellence rather than leaving them alone to think they have academically achieved.

On the topic, “Economic Transformation,” Governor Jones noted that the exercise is the responsibility of all, irrespective of status.

Therefore, he admonished the student body to muster the courage and the foresight to think “outside the box.”

“In this regard, Liberia must be seen to be a land of hope and opportunity; a land where big dreams can become big accomplishments, where those who are academically prepared to work can lift themselves out of poverty.”

According to him, Liberians will not win the war against poverty by relying on handouts. It can only be won when Liberians are economically empowered; when Liberians enhance their productivity and become the principal shareholders in the Liberian economy.

He urged the students to strive for excellence and become disciplined, saying, “You must learn now to cultivate a sense of community, because it is only through being a responsible member of a community that you can become a responsible member of the larger society.”

Dr. Jones: “If we, Liberians choose to remain unprepared, or go for the unprepared, uninformed, uneducated and ones with a lack initiative, the country will be governed by the unprepared, uninformed, and unenlightened too; thus carrying us backward.”

Through that assertion, Dr. Jones encouraged all of the students to get a good and sound education that would eventually open the door to a more prosperous (affluent, well-off) future; a future where not only a privileged few benefit, but the entire country.

Prior to delivering his speech, Dr. Jones presented to the UMUSC eight brand-new copiers valued over US$5,000, and pledged to make substantial contributions to whatever endeavors the students leadership intended to undertake in the future.

Those inaugurated into UMUSC’s government were the president, Ms. Kate Love Manford; vice president, Jallah K. Wright; secretary-general, Jah Wolobah Beyan; and the financial secretary, Mustapha Z. Sherman.

Officials of the student council government installed are being elected earlier as members of their respective class’ government. For example, the financial secretary to the UMUSC, Mustapha Z. Sherman serves as president for the freshman class, the secretary-general also serves as the president for the sophomore class, while the vice president, Jah K. Wright is the president for the junior class and the president, Kate Love Manford is herself, president of the senior class.

In her inaugural address, Ms. Kate Love Manford, called for understanding and cooperation between the UMUSC and the administration.

She then promised to foster the welfare of the institution by working closely with the Administration and holding consultations with her colleagues to ensure that UMU remains first, last and always.

Earlier in his induction speech, UMU’s president, Dr. Emmanuel F. Bailey told the audience that it was a blessing and serious responsibility conferred on the student leadership, and therefore, urged them to work hard because the students recognized them as their voice.

Dr. Bailey on behalf of the UMU administration, board, and student body, pledged unflinching support and loyalty to the newly installed UMUSC government. He added, “Together we will strive to create a supportive fellowship and expand the development of our university.”        

He admonished the students to take their studies seriously as it is the only viable means to contribute meaningfully to national development.


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