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The Grand Bassa Community College (GBCC) and Building everyone’s Success Together in West Africa (BESTWA) recently reached a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to strengthen each other’s healthcare delivery program in nursing, midwifery and laboratory technology.

GBCC President, Dr. Levi Zangai, speaking to the Daily Observer in Buchanan recently said, the two academic institutions agreed to establish partnership to support and strengthen each other’s healthcare delivery program with the objective to partner and conduct training of trainers (TOT) in several other key project areas of mutual interest with potential benefits to both GBCC and BESTWA.

The BESTWA is a U.S. based non-profit organization with ongoing projects that address feeding, education and the Dennis Birthing Clinic (DBC) located in Buchanan. The DBC gives infants a safe start by providing life – saving prenatal care and birthing services since the clinic is serving as a platform for training midwives. It also provides feeding and health education that covers over 900 vulnerable children.

“The parties agreed to establish and conduct mutually agreed upon collaborative projects, programs and initiatives in one or more of the following areas including, the provision of technical assistance where feasible in materials such as medical supplies, medications and training equipment,” Dr. Zangai said.

“In the agreement”, Dr Zangai said, “BESTWA will explore opportunities for GBCC faculty and graduates to engage in short-term experience for four weeks to travel to US colleges and universities for a job-shadowing study tour to support the development of the nursing program.”

Both institutions will implement student, faculty and staff development and related activities when funding sources have been identified and also develop curriculum and other hands on training as may be mutually agreed upon.

The MOU called on the parties to cooperate with third parties as stated, “Since other U.S. based colleges, universities, organizations and foundations may have capabilities to conduct activities that will benefit and support collaboration, the parties may identify other collaborators for joint participation in mutually agreed upon projects and activities.

The activities, responsibilities and other details of the participation of such collaborators will be defined and the parties agreed that they will be free to participate in projects acting either individually or collectively.

Despite the partnerships, the GBCC with an enrollment of over 1200 students is still struggling to maintain the standards set up owing to financial difficulty.

The GBCC was established three years ago and with funding from the leadership of Grand Bassa County, the school has built a modern complex which cost about US$2.2 million. It is situated on 25 acres of land in Buchanan.


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