Family Literacy Initiative Completes Year One


The Family Literacy Initiative (FLI), an early childhood development program, has ended its first year of operation. FLI is grounded in the belief that learning begins at home and that parents are their children’s first teachers. FLI celebrated its first year of instruction with agrand program including the 54 families and their children that participated in the project.

One hundred and fifty persons from Caldwell, Duazon and West Point communities including other stakeholders attended the program.

T. Michael Weah, WE-CARE Executive Director, underscored the importance of the program, saying that it is because statistics show that more than 46 percent of Liberia’s population is between the ages of 1 and 15, and that such a program is giving these future leaders a head start as they enter school.

Mrs. Yukhiko Amnon, Assistant Education Minister for early childhood development (ECD), in her remarks, lauded the efforts of WE-CARE and underscored to parents the importance of their role in educating their children.

Mrs. Teresa Saysay of Save the Children, Kronyahn Weefur and James Roberts of WE-CARE Board and Kolubah H. Flomo, District Education Officer, presented certificates to the children.

The program started in Liberia as a pilot project in November 2015
recruiting 60 out of school children from three communities. FLI’s goal is to help parents in these economically challenged communities to become their children’s first teachers preparing their pre-school children for success in school.

The program’s six home visitors worked with the parents in their
respective homes teaching them strategies to teach their children, including books to help them read and learn.

Regarding the continuation of the FLI project, Mrs. Gbima K. Bahtokpah, the program supervisor, said FLI has made plans for the expansion of the program in the three communities in year two.

FLI is a partnership of WE-CARE Foundation, Friends of Liberia (FOL), and Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY-USA). The program is of interest to the Bureau of Early Childhood Education of the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders in Liberia.


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