EI Project Director Wants Dialogue

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The Project Director of Education International (EI) has suggested the need for the Liberian government to dialogue with education stakeholders, bringing together teachers and civil society actors before out-sourcing the country’s education to a “public-private partnership” (PPP).

He said brainstorming on the PPP with stakeholders in the country is intended for the parties to dialogue and come up with a proper plan that would encourage investment in children’s education.

Mr. Gavrielatos made these observations recently in Monrovia at the opening of a one-day workshop for members of the National Teachers Association of Liberia (NTAL).

“My coming to Liberia was based on the January 21 editorial of the Daily Observer entitled, ‘Out-sourcing of Liberian Education to Public Private Partnerships,’ an idea the paper advanced that encouraged me so much,” Mr. Gavrielatos said.

And because of the idea suggested in the editorial, he said, “We came to Liberia to discuss with our member organization, the NTAL to consider the education policy direction of the government.

“We expect more from the Liberian government when it comes to ensuring the best possible opportunity for the educational well-being of the children based on the direction the PPP will arrive at.”

According to Mr. Gavrielatos, suggestions advanced in the policy were to create the necessary learning environment where the profit margin would increase in terms of a standardized system to meet international best educational practice.

He further disclosed that PPP recognized employment of qualified teachers rather than the unqualified ones, noting, “What we will suggest to the government is talk with the teachers, civil society actors to get their respective comments on the real plan that would lead us into investing in the education of children.”

He stressed the need for the government to legislate a policy on quality education for a child at a minimum.

Mr. Gavrielatos then expressed gratitude to the Daily Observer editorial staff for their “brainy editorial,” which was also published by the paper online, because for us our focus is to see the children in Africa, particularly Liberia get quality education.”


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