Education Minister Pledges Support to Inter-high School Debate Competitions


The Minister of Education, George Werner has said the ministry will try to support the upcoming Montserrado inter-high school debate competitions organize by the Devine Events and Consultancy (DEC).

In a close door meeting at his office, Mr. Werner said endorsing the outstanding initiative is never an issue, but getting the funds to support it was where the problem lies.

“We will do all we can to give our full support as this is in the interest of our students and I hope we get the funding because it is a national endeavor,” Minister Werner said.

“I think that the ministry with its partners plus those who will organize the competition to attain international standard (will be successful) because the aim of the debate is to help students to reason better and be able to share their thinking in a persuasive manner, he added.

Minster Werner said that during the first edition of the competition, there were lots of mistakes he observed from the students including poor grammar, but challenged the students to improve their performances this time around.

“When I was in South Africa, I taught debate and I know it is important for students. I was always with the school debate team to see that they put into practice the things they had learned. I hope the school debate coaches will do the same here,” Mr. Werner said.

In brief remarks, Devine Events and Consultancy Founder, Alex Devine, said the institution welcomes the ministry’s vision to give support to the debates and assured him that everything had been put in place for the competition to meet international standards.

“It has been our dream to see the ministry come out with such a bold statement and hope that from here we can build a partnership that will help our students,” Devine said.

Mr. Devine said that because they realized some pitfalls in the previous competition, they moved quickly with plans to train debate coaches of all the participating schools in order to build them up to capacity for the upcoming competition.

Devine said all is now set for the opening of the Montserrado inter-high school debate beginning January 15.


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