Daily Observer Reporter Advises Parents to Prioritize Their Children’s Education

Daily Observer reporter Gloria Tamba handing out a certificate to one of the students

The 16th graduation convocation speaker of the New Jerusalem A. G. Mission High School, Gloria Tamba, who is a reporter for the Daily Observer newspaper, has called on parents to prioritize their children’s education to get them prepared for the job market in the future.

Miss Tamba, who is an alumna (2011) of the school, told parents in attendance that every child dreams of being a great person, a potential that cannot be explored without the necessary education.

“Achieving greatness comes by stepping in for our children. And this can only happen when we invest in their future by prioritizing education.

“There is a common saying that ‘if the Christmas will be enjoyable, you will tell from the eve.’ If our children will be great tomorrow, it will be determined by investing in their education, no matter the situation,” she said.

The Daily Observer reporter said the children, who were all graduating from kindergarten, harbor dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers, pilots and the like, professions that cannot be attained without an education.

“Please don’t be like other parents who instead of sending their kids to school, put them on the streets to bring money home as breadwinners. That is very bad; please don’t be a part of it,” she pleaded.

Echoing the message, the class valedictorian, Babyend Ogunti, begged parents not to kill the dreams of her and her fellow students by not making the necessary sacrifices for them to be educated.

Narrating her story that left most of the audience in tears, young Ogunti noted that although she is not from a rich background, her mother nonetheless makes a lot of sacrifices to keep her in school.

“At some point in time, things became difficult for my mom, but she didn’t allow me to stop going to school. Rather, she worked hard,  selling for people or doing some hard labor jobs, just to make sure my school fees were paid in order for me to remain in school.

“And I paid her in return by emerging as my class valedictorian. This kind of sacrifice from my mother is what I expect from every mother or father for their children. We are too little to work, so do the sacrifice to send us to school, and you will get the benefit tomorrow,” she assured parents and guardians present.

Meanwhile, Gloria Tamba offered Babyend Ogunti a one year scholarship, and two other students with half semester scholarships.










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