‘Early Education-No Excuse for Parents’

Mr. Lander addresses the elated students at yesterday’s occasion

Keynote speaker cautions

Anthony D. Lander, senior moderator at the Center for the Promotion of Intellectual Development (CENPID), has cautioned parents and guardians of pupils of the Kids Foundation Academy not to neglect their responsibility to educate their children, starting at an early age.

He said during ‘early childhood education,’ a child learns how to recite the alphabet, count, and sing songs and do many new things, some by examples from their parents and teachers.

“While it is true children learn (quickly) at an early stage, it is also a very expensive and difficult period for the parents,” Mr. Lander added.

Speaking during the seventh gala anniversary of the Kids Academy held at the Slipway Town Hall in Monrovia, Lander called on the parents not to complain about, neglect or abandon their children’s desire to pursue higher education, by blaming lack of finance or ‘the no job syndrome.’

“Stop complaining against your children’s future by focusing and accepting your responsibility, because no parent will wish for his/her child to sell cold water for another family while children of that family attend school,” Lander admonished the parents, who sat quietly during his entire speech.

To get away from the idea of leaving their school age children to fend for themselves, Mr. Lander cautioned the parents to adopt the concept of a children-parents dialogue or despite the financial constraints.

He said the concept, if applied, will encourage the children to share with their parents what their teachers have taught them at school.

Mr. Lander, challenged parents and others attending yesterday’s gala to seek the progress of their children’s education and stop focusing on handouts, which will not take them to the end of their children’s educational journey.

He said by seeking handouts, “your children will become frustrated when they end up as cold water sellers, ending their academic progress on a sad note.”


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