Dr. Stemn Launches New Education Program in Maryland

Dr. Blidi S. Stemn (R) poses_web.jpg

A Liberian educator, Dr. Blidi S. Stemn, has launched a new education program, dubbed “Buy a Brick Campaign.” to construct additional  classrooms in the already established early childhood and elementary school. The school is called the Education First Academy (EFA).

During the launch of the program, Dr. Stemn asserted that the campaign is to accommodate more students in Harper, Maryland County by the end of this year.

According to him, the “Buy a Brick Campaign” is intended to provide quality education to as many school-going youths as a way of transforming the quality of education in rural, and “underserved communities.”

In addition to establishing the school and seeking quality education for underserved children, Education First also provides consulting services and workshops.

In an exclusive with the Daily Observer yesterday, Dr. Stemn said anybody could become part of the campaign, but that person will have to sponsor the cost of educating one or more children at the early childhood program or at the elementary school level at US$200 annually.

Dr. Stemn is the executive director of the Education First Inc., a non-profit-governmental organization that is registered in the United States and Liberia. It was founded in 2011.

The organization is in partnership with Grain Coast Enterprise (GCE). Besides the establishment of the EFA, it has set-up a dental health hygiene program; launched a computer science professional development in Maryland County, and donated school supplies to over 200 students in the county.

“We believe that the quality of education and student achievement depend largely on teacher quality, and since the inception of the Education First Incorporated, we have focused on excellence in early childhood education,” Dr. Stemn said.

He added: “We also focus on high quality elementary education, innovative teacher development workshops, collaborative community engagement programs, school-based health program, and computer literacy for children and adult.”

The team plans professional development workshops for teachers particularly those with knowledge in Mathematics, General Science, Literacy and Women’s Health Education, as well as academic intervention programs for elementary and secondary school students.

Dr. Stemn is an associate professor of Mathematics Education at Hofstra University. He has been in the field of education for about 32 years as a teacher, school administrator, and university teacher educator in Liberia, UK and the US.


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