Disabled Females Educate Members on Ebola’s Danger

ADFI Executive Director, Ms Meima_web.jpg

The leadership of the Association of Disabled Females International (ADFI) with offices in Slipway, Monrovia, has embarked on awareness and or education for her members on the effect of Ebola virus disease (EVD) across the country.

ADFI is not doing the education alone, but in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Gender and Development, Women none-governmental organization Secretariat by creating awareness on Ebola with focus on persons with various forms of disabilities, especially the women.

The Association teaching program is spear-headed by its education focal person, Ms. Nancy Tewah Saa. During the exercise, she is to among other things, teach disabled females with simple versions of messages such like, “The Ebola virus knows no one, prevent yourself and your family. Remember the most vulnerable people in our drive to stop Ebola and kick it out.”

Other messages include, “Prevent yourself and family members; help to prevent Ebola from persons living with disabilities, because the disabled community is the most vulnerable group in the dreadful epidemic.”

Nancy will then break down those messages, signs and or symptoms of Ebola to say, for example, “Des Ebola na wan tu know, so be careful before a do you wok, etc.”

“She will also teach the disable women how to measure the chlorine or Clorox (drop) into a particular bucket of water before it becomes usable for the household. This prevention is necessary to avoid overdose of any quantity of anti Ebola materials specifically the liquid type,” ADFI National Executive Director, Meima Hoff, has said.

Ms. Hoff is herself visually impaired. She says in their organization drive to work with the females disabled colleagues in the field, they will give out anti-Ebola detergents, antiseptic Clorox, powder soaps as well as variety of food items valued at US$2, 500.

The entire education or awareness campaign, according to her, is being sponsored by Funds Global Human Rights (FGHR) for which the ADFI remained grateful.


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