Diaspora Liberians Identify with Needy Students


The Liberian Association of Central Jersey (LACJ), a not-for-profit organization based in the state of New Jersey in the United States, over the weekend brought smiles to the faces of students at the Sawlad Daycare and Elementary School in Wood Camp, Paynesville when they presented them with assorted school materials.

The school runs from nursery to fourth grade and has a little over 100 students. The kids were given copy books, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers and other educational materials.

The Action-secretary general Peter Massaquoi, presented the items on behalf of the LACJ to the administration of the school as the group’s way of contributing to the children’s education.

“We have the heart to do more because we know how things are tough in this country, especially after such a devastating Ebola crisis that the country has endured,” he told the students.

Mr. Massaquoi, a practicing journalist, said the group has a vision to impact the Liberian society, especially the lives of students who are suffering as a result of the current educational mess.

“We need to do more for these kids because they are the victims of the mess in our country’s education sector,” he said.

He also spoke of the difficulties that parents are enduring to send their kids to school, noting, “We know things are difficult also for parents who are finding it very hard to meet their children’s educational needs. In this little way, we want to buttress their efforts,” Massaquoi said.

The kids who expressed joy for the gesture sang songs of praise when Mr. Massaquoi told them he will construct a computer lab on their campus very soon.

“You kids need the same opportunities as your western counterparts. Computers have made the world a small place and provide countless avenues for learning,” he said.

The establishment of the computer lab, according to Mr. Massaquoi, is an initiative of his and one of his colleagues. “We see that the need really exists here. This is why we really want to establish this.” He assured that the computers are already packed for shipment to Liberia as soon as he returns to the United States.

The Principal of the school, Maryann Watson, thanked the group for selecting her school for such a worthy gesture and prayed that their promise of a computer lab will come to pass. This was also echoed by the school proprietor, Garmondeh Watson.


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