Dey Governor Begins 2 Projects to Uplift Deygbo & Gbaweah


Dey Governor Joseph J. Brown has initiated the Cassava Integrated for Food Security and Poverty Alleviation (CIFSPAP) and the Education for A Better Tomorrow (EBT) projects. They aim to improve the educational and economic lives of Dey citizens in rural Montserrado County.

In the two project proposals submitted to King J.O.S.E.P.H House of Farm and Food Cooperatives in Pennsylvania, United States, Governor Brown said the cassava project will help the chiefdom achieve food security, which will result in the reduction of poverty in Deybo & Gbaweah Chiefdom.

“At a pre-survey for cassava farming in the chiefdom, we noticed that farmers weren’t encouraged to engage in cassava farming due to a very rapid deterioration (2-3 days) of harvested cassava tubers, and they lacked mechanized post-harvest processing equipment…most of the cassava produced on a low scale in the chiefdom is consumed locally, where it is still unable to address the growing consumption,” Governor Brown said in his proposal.

He added that about 50,000 farming families will benefit from this project, noting, “The primary beneficiaries are non-resource poor farmers with producer groups, mostly women, who will benefit from fast mechanized post-harvest processing of their crops before spoilage.” The proposal for the ‘Education for A Better Tomorrow (EBT) project grant’ explained that if implemented, it will enable hundreds of school-going kids to go to school and would brighten the future of the chiefdom.

The proposal records that a pre-survey for pre-education assessment in the chiefdom discovered that children of school going age weren’t encouraged to go to school because they had to walk approximately 12 miles to and from school without breakfast.

“The unemployment rate of 80 percent affects most of the parents in the chiefdom who are not earning enough to cover the tuition, uniforms, textbooks, and most importantly transportation to and from school.” He recorded that about 50,000 school going children and their families will benefit from this project.

The project, when completed, will dramatically diversify and strengthen rural education to vulnerable children and support them to access their right to education; enabling communities to support the provision of a quality basic education for all children; and enable mothers to care for themselves and their children.

The EBT in the chiefdom was developed as a combination of three projects including the Accelerated Learning Project, Youth Education Pack, and Reintegration and Recovery Project I. They will be implemented in Deygbo & Gbaweah Chiefdom, Rural Montserrado County beginning early 2017.

The proposals were presented to King Joseph Du Bois in Pennsylvania, during the recent visit of Governor Brown to the United States. The King assured him of consideration in the shortest possible time. King Du Bois is the Director General of the African Stock Exchange Association Development Corporation, a chartered organization for Americans of African descent in particular to operate their own economic infrastructure with authority to develop domestic and international autonomy.

King Du Bois created a New York-based J.O.S.E.P.H. Global Financial Group, where he currently serves as Chairman/CEO and is responsible for operations and strategic direction.


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