Devine Events Consultancy Trains School Debate Coaches

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Devine Events and Consultancy has hosted its first training for coaches that are working with its ongoing school debate program. The training is aimed at helping the coaches to improve their techniques as well as their respective school debate teams.

Devine Events and Consultancy founder and CEO, Alex Devine, said the training was the result of some lapses they identified in the students’ debating skills during the pilot phase of the just ended inter-high school debate competition.

Mr. Devine made the disclosure over the weekend at a one-day training held at the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) in Monrovia.

“Some pitfalls the organizing team observed ranged from mistakes in body language during students’ presentations, to lack of sufficient research and timing in speaking,” Mr. Devine said.

He observed that during the first tournament, the organizers noticed that many of the team members were repeating themselves to the extent that some of them were “inciting expressions that could eventually create chaos in spite of the research done on a specific topic.”

“We want to solve some of those pertinent problems so that we can have good competitions in the coming year because it will also help those coaches to training their students in the best way to avoid making a lot of mistakes,” Mr. Devine said.

The training exercise, he said, is for the coaches to have control over their students and also for the teams to improve their respective presentations, exercise emotional control and do in-depth research on specifically assigned topics.

Mr. Devine said coaches were invited to the training instead of the students “because it is the responsibility of the coaches to train the students to excel.”

During the training, the coaches welcomed the idea and applauded the organization for being farsighted in preparing for the upcoming competitions.

They also promised to do their best to implement what they acquired from the training to improve their respective teams and make the debates more competitive.

Meanwhile, Devine has said that because of the festive season, the Monsterrado chapter of the Inter- High School Debate competition has been rescheduled to early January 2016.


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