Cyber-Ed Christian Students Exhibit Academic Talents


Program marking the close of Cyber-Ed Christian School for academic year 2015/2016 was quite different from the traditional style of closing schools in Liberia.

Instead of planning a program characterized by long speeches, remarks and political statements, the Cyber-Ed Christian School students did everything through academic activities, which they studied during the year.

In fact, parents and other invited guests only possessed the program sheets and scroll through them as the students appeared in group on stage one at a time at the Monrovia City Hall without a master of ceremony, demonstrating all that they learnt in various subjects including Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Music and Science, amongst others.

The school operated with 50 students during the academic year from kindergarten to ninth grade, but parents who invested in their children in this newly established school will not regret for sending their children to the school because the “Learning by doing (Psychomotor Domain), learning by knowledge (Cognitive Domain) and learning by feeling and value (Affective Domain) are all embedded in the students.

The Kindergarten students whose curricular activities are mainly concerned with speaking, reading and singing, were able to point out their letters and numbers in line with musical sounds. They then sang and danced together in conclusion, naming the letters and numbers.

They also gave historical accounts of writers who had immensely contributed to writing children’s reading books.

The upper class levels were grouped and each group appeared to demonstrate their talents in their respective subjects.

First grade students appeared and introduced themselves in fluent and distinct English, spoke of what they learnt.

Each student represented the sun and a planet in the solar system.

Representatives of the planets explained positions of the planets’ distance from the sun, their uniqueness and all natural components making them. Representative of the sun equally explained its position and impact it makes on each planet.

A group comprising students of 2nd grade to 7th demonstrated and explained more complex scientific, geographical and demographic phenomena in Social Studies and Life and Natural Sciences.

In Social Studies, each student represented a tribe of the 16 tribes of Liberia and Americo Liberians, narrated the tribe’s religious and cultural beliefs, the kind of food they love and dress code, and history of migration.

They used hand bells of different sounds to sing the Lone Star Forever, one of Liberia’s national odes.

In science, 8th and 9th graders explained studies in the similarities of systems of human and the frog, and processes involved in the formations of Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks.

They also explained experiment about volcano eruption they did during their time of study.

As a Christian institution, students also exhibited the danger of sitting in the seat of sin and what will happen when a person involves in sin.

Mrs. Michelle Dennis Wento, co-founder of the Cyber-Ed Christian School said the school offers computer knowledge and each student has access to a computer.

Furthermore, Mrs. Wento said the school teaches music and students are taught to play musical instruments including guitar, piano and other instruments including drum.

Sharing her impression about the school on behalf of parents, Mrs. Lovetta Sendolo, head of Parent Teacher Association expressed excitement accompanied by applauses from parents to teachers for the level of work done to get their children demonstrate activities they say are lacking nowadays in many Liberian schools.

Cyber-Ed Christian School was founded in 2012 as a home school. The founder, Soni Karnga Williams and co-founder, Michelle Dennis Wento decided to partner and as a result of the partnership they established a day school in September 2015.

The goal, according to founders, is to propel Liberia into the 21st century by offering students in Liberia the opportunity to acquire the highest quality education and by providing a rich environment of challenging courses.


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