Crestcom Graduates 30 ‘Bullet Proof’ Managers


Crestcom Trainers to the World, an authorized licensed business establishment under Subah-Belleh Associates Management Consultants, over the weekend graduated it first group of Crestcom Bullet Proof Managers.

The Bullet Proof Manager’s course is described as a unique and proprietary training program designed to enhance the management and leadership skills of executives, managers and supervisors of various highly recognized institutions.

The concept is a monthly business incubator where leaders grow their skills, exchange ideas and share what is working now.

The 30 persons who completed the full year of Bullet Proof Managers (BPM) training, according to Crestcom Training Franchise Managing Consultant, Pauline S. Kwabo, are the first graduates since the program commenced nearly two years ago.

“We started the training exercise early 2014, but due to the Ebola outbreak we paused and resumed after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the country Ebola free.

Madam Kwabo challenged the graduates at the closing ceremony over the weekend in Monrovia to use the knowledge they acquired to benefit their employers and also encourage other staffers at their respective places of work to enroll during the next phase of the training.

Mr. James A. Thomson, Managing Director/Certified Crestcom Trainer, who presented the graduates, expressed the belief that the graduates will be some of the best managers around, because they chose to increase their academic horizons by enrolling in the program.

He said one of the challenges in the managerial discipline is the contrasting view that anyone can manage, adding, “No, even though there is no specific process to apply and achieve a set goal as a manager, those who complete the Crestcom Bullet Proof program are well versed in management skills by becoming problem solvers in the conflict resolution management chain where they would be dealing with difficult customers or employees.”

Of the 30 graduates, ten are employees of Global Bank Liberia Limited in various managerial positions, and seven working with the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) in similar positions, among them, LPRC former Managing Director, T. Nelson Williams. Eight others are from the National Port Authority (NPA), and five persons including the Investment Analyst/Coordinator, Curtis V. Dorley, who are with the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP).

Some of the topics covered during the training period included the Six Steps to Effective Mentoring and the Way to monitor them, thereby making the graduates good teachers and or employers that will teach, train, and develope other staff.

NASSCORP Deputy Managing Director, D. Nyan Twayen, said his management was impressed with Crestcom because it has increased the knowledge of NASSCORP’s employees that took advantage of the training opportunity.

One of the graduates, former LPRC Managing Director, T. Nelson Williams, was praised by Crestcom Trainers as a participant who was “very punctual” and did not miss any of the training sessions during the entire 12 months program.

In his testimonial statement, Vaanii Kiazolu, Global Bank Liberia Head of Treasury Department, and now one of the Bullet Proof Managers, called on the government and other organizations to take advantage of the opportunity by enrolling line managers and supervisors for the training.

“I can safely say for a fact that it was rewarding personally for us as managers who are transformed following the training. Our institutions can now expect to see the increase in productivity that can be attributed to the improved way we are managing our skills,” Mr. Kiazolu said.

On behalf of his colleagues, Mr. Kiazolu expressed appreciation to Pauline and Thomson for the professional manner in which they handled the training.

Earlier, Madam Kwabo said the training became necessary, “because businesses require help to transform managers into leaders and generate real business results.”

Crestcom’s training programs accommodate organizations of all sizes, from small to mid-sized businesses to global leaders. It has supported the needs of some of the most successful brands around the world including Coca-Cola, IBM and Toyota. LPRC, NASSCORP, Global Bank Liberia Limited and the NPA are among several local entities benefiting from the training of their staff.

The Bullet Proof Managers course offers one monthly session for 12 consecutive months with each session lasting approximately four hours and focusing on two management or leadership skills.


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