Civil Society Leader Wants Increment In Education Allotment


The executive director of the Liberia Education Monitor (LEM) has observed that the country’s education system will continue to be a ‘mess’ unless adequate support is given the sector.

Mr. Jonah Nyenpan urged government to categorize teachers and staff from other professional institutions like the health and security sectors as professional civil servants, provide them incentives and attractive salaries to take up the challenge by going in the rural areas.

He observed that doing so would help to commit professional workers to their responsibilities and move the country forward.

In an interview with reporters recently, Mr. Nyenpan argued that the US$80 million allotted for Education in the 2015/2016 fiscal budget is insufficient to improve the system from ‘mess’ to ‘best.’ He therefore called for increment of the amount to empower the authorities revamp many of the dilapidated school facilities across the country.

He explained that stakeholders in the education sector are reluctant to replace unqualified teachers, as evidenced by the delay in the recruitment of hundreds of teachers, who were trained by the Liberia Teachers Training Program (LTTP) and are now engaged in other areas.

The LEM was established in 2013 as a pro-democracy group to help monitor the Liberian educational system and advance recommendations for programs to develop the sector.


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