CARD Liberia Establishes Digital Literacy Center in Monrovia

final---Trygve Flathen of Engineers Without Borders Norway and Edwina Taylor, Executive Director, CARD.jpg

Christian Association for Regional Development (CARD), a Liberian-owned organization with operations in Denmark, Liberia and Sierra Leone, is embarking on a new project to provide digital literacy programs across Liberia.

According to Edwina Taylor, founder and executive director of CARD, the aim of the IT/Digital Literacy program is to provide a combination of conventional literacy and computer literacy through its reading room and Internet-enabled resource center.

CARD is targeting 200 Liberian youth per year, between the ages of 8 and 16 years old. According to Ms. Taylor, the IT/Digital Literacy program will provide tuition free computer lessons, targeting 200 youth per year. Students will learn how to use the computer and the Internet for academic purposes.

CARD’s goal, Taylor says, is to multiply the project all across Liberia, with at least one facility in each county. The center, she says, will also be open to general public 3 days a week as commercial Internet facility in order to earn income to sustain the project.

CARD’s current facility, located opposite the Snapper Hill Clinic on Ashmun Street, was set up with the help of Trygve Flathen of Engineers Without Borders Norway. Mr. Flathen is a trained software engineer with a background in electronics and works for a large company in Norway that produces hi-tech security, defense and aeronautic systems.

According to Flathen the CARD facility will comprise 20 computers, all Internet enabled, powered by the EduBuntu operating system. Edubuntu is an open-source Linux operating system tailored especially for educational use.

The CARD digital literacy program will become operational hopefully by the end of April, Taylor says.


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