BWI Receives Donation


Booker Washington Institute’s (BWI) American Corner Library recently received a noticeable enhancement when a member of the institute’s Alumni Association in the United States donated new computers and assorted books valued at several thousand United States dollars. The donation is expected to bring sudden visible improvement to the institution’s computer lab and library as well as the Electronics Department, which were virtually destroyed during the country’s 14-year civil war.

Students who heard of the news expressed deep appreciation since the new contemporary types of computers and books replaced the wrecked ones they were using. Parents, campus visitors and the entire BWI community continue to express admiration for the facelift the new administration has achieved since taking over a year ago.

The Massachusetts, USA, branch of the institute’s Alumni Association made the donation of assorted books, training materials for students doing electronics, two laptops already loaded with various software and a projector for PowerPoint presentations. The items were donated at the institute’s Kakata, Margibi County campus.

In a statement, alumnus Anthony N. Splli, Consulting Engineer, EMC Corporation, Massachusetts, USA, implored BWI’s new administration to encourage other alumni and former students to do more for BWI, which prepared them to become what they are in society today.

“Each of us alumni want to do more for the institute that made us; we want you to encourage us by making the best use of what we have donated to the BWI,” alumnus Splli told the institute’s Principal and Chief Executive Officer, Attorney Harris Fomba Tarnue, to a round of applause from the audience.

Apart from items alumnus Splli donated, members of the association had previously expanded the library, donated printers and assorted books mainly for students studying electronics.

In response, Atty. Tarnue added: “It is the BWI that made all of us including the former graduates or alumni. So we all owe it to the institute.”

He then assured alumnus Splli that the items donated will be used for the intended purposes, adding, “We have put in place a system of accountability as our administration’s hallmark, because this is a new day at BWI.

For his part, the Board Chair, Jackson Paye, described the donation as “a whole lot that was admirable that poses a challenge to the rest of the alumni members.”

He continued: “The essence is that we want to move the BWI forward so as to provide quality education to our students, and above all, to increase BWI’s agriculture productivity, which is the nucleus of the institute.

“We remain extremely grateful for this selfless initiative that will serve as an excellent example for our current students, who are encouraged to give back.”

Booker Washington Agricultural and Industrial Institute (1929), is one of the country’s premier institutes that prepares middle level technicians. It is Liberia’s first vocational and agricultural school.


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