Baptist Seminary Gets New President

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The Board of Trustees of the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary (LBTS) has approved and appointed Rev. Dr. Terry Henry as the institution’s new president.

The approval and subsequent appointment of Rev. Dr. Henry comes following the Board’s third quarter session. He is to assume office on January 1, 2017.

Deacon Aaron Marshall, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, said the appointment was an overwhelming and unanimous action of the Board, giving rise to a successful turnover of Rev. Dr. Richard Wilson, who had served in that position for five years.

Dr. Henry currently serves as a senior pastor in the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Wilmington, North Carolina; and the fourth vice president of the Congress of Christian Education for the General Baptist State Convention of the same state in America is coming to the position with a wealth of experience.

He holds a Bachelor’s in Religious Education from the International Seminary in Plymouth, Florida, a Master’s in Christian Education from Campbell University School of Divinity, and a Doctor of Ministry from the Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Massachusetts.

In addition to his administrative experience, Dr. Henry served as a site instructor for the Wilmington Campus of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia, three years ago.

He has also traveled extensively to other countries for work related to his ministry, including the state of Israel, Germany, Czechoslovakia and Switzerland.

He also traveled to Nairobi, Kenya, and Athens, Greece, where he hoped to trace the footsteps of the Apostle Paul. His travels to Israel and Germany were meant to trace the footsteps of Jesus Christ and Martin Luther, the great reformer. He has also visited the Isles of Patmos, where the Revelation of St. John was written.

Dr. Henry is expected to build up programs that will ensure the sustainability of the institution such as expansion of the core curriculum that will bring new subject areas and students, and for the institution to serve as a hub for theological education in Liberia.
Dr. Olu Q. Menjay, the president of the Liberia Missionary and Educational Convention (LMEC), praised Dr. Henry and described him as a man with “depth of understanding of the significance of theological education in this contemporary age.”

Dr. Menjay said Dr. Henry will be a valuable asset to the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary.

The Liberia Baptist Seminary is one of the accredited theological institutions offering a first degree and is the leading theological institution of the LBMEC.


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