At AMEU, Business, Continuing Education Center Launched


The Camp Johnson Road Campus of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) in Monrovia was on Friday, May 23, 2014, a scene of jubilation (joy) when the Administration launched the first ever Business and Continuing Education Center (BCEE).

The center is named in honor of the president of the World Lebanese and Cultural Union in Liberia, Dr. Ezzat N. Eid, and is the first Corporate Training Center that is being launched by the AMEU faculty, the Dean, Mr. James Flomo Kellen has said.

The center was launched on the theme, “Acquire Skills, Strengthen Workforce, and Build Careers,” and is established to help business and other institutions to strengthen their workforce through the acquisition of or enhancement of essential skills. The center offers courses which help to build an individual’s career and prepare trainee to become a successful business owner.

According to Mr. Kellen, programs for the Ezzat N. Eid BCE Center are designed to offer relevant training in the areas of Commuter Literacy, Community Education, Customized Business Training and Pre-College Preparation.

The Ezzat N. Eid BCEC other areas of concentrations includes, but not limited to Customer Service Training, Workforce Development, IT Solution for Start-up Business Entrepreneurship Coaching for Small Business Applications, etc.

The Computer Literacy is to sharpen the skills of people who intend to use the computer, but have limited skills. Nowadays computer skills have become increasingly important as companies depend more on computerized technology to get work done.

As for Community Education, Mr. Kellen said, this is a philosophical concept that promotes lifelong learning and community development activities. Programs in this course are designed around community development projects and needs.

For the Customized Business Training, Mr. Kellen explained that it is the programs, which will provide education, training and support services for new, expanding and existing business, and for ‘business leaders.’ 

“The Pre-College Preparation programs offer opportunities for high school students to start thinking about how they will participate in their communities and in the world before entering college.”

Additionally, Mr. Kellen said, the Customer Service Training is the component of the training that will teach the trainees how to treat customers with value and respect.

Dean Kellen: “You may miss the opportunity to maintain and grow your business, but our customer service training programs are designed with your business activities in mind, and with a focus on improved customer relations.”

 The Workforce Development, he said, is the essential component of economic development in any economy; and certainly, even more critical during tough financial times. This part of the training programs provides skills-specific tools for any organizations.

The IT Solution for Start-Up Business too provides knowledge of computer tools for the day-to-day tasks for your business with control and flexibility. This component will allow the trainees to learn suitable computer skills to improve productivity where the staff would be trained to use new and existing software to help save time and money.

Also, the Entrepreneurship Coaching for Small Business Applications provides the knowledge for applying business principles in an orderly understanding manner to create effective implementation strategy. The program is designed for start-ups, established business owners, organizations and companies to help them understand that success begins with a business plan and an ability to see the future.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ezzar Eid has pledged his full contribution and support, not only to the center, but also to the AME Church, the AMEU and a special support to the graduates by seeking employment upon the completion of their Commencement convocation.

According to him, the main focus of this is to provide training facilities for the student, and increase the employment opportunities, “if we will get educated and trained people, the right person will get the right job.”

The launching ceremony was attended by several individuals including the Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, the CEO and president of Ecobank-Liberia, Kola Adeleke, the director-general for the National Commission on Higher Education, Dr. Michael P. Slawon among others.


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