Another Plea to Save D. Twe

Dr. Sekajipo appeals to the government, graduates and stakeholders to save D. Twe High School.

Amid fears that it won’t survive this rainy season

Dr. Lawrence D. Sekajipo has urged the government, foreign partners and graduates of the D. Twe High School in Monrovia to save the school from being washed away by sea erosion.

Dr. Sekajipo, who heads the National Clients Association in the Americas (NCAA), made the statement recently in Paynesville in an interview with the Daily Observer.

Dr. Sekajipo on Wednesday visited the D. Twe High School in New Kru Town and expressed shock over the destruction that the erosion poses to the institution.

“My visit to the D. Twe ran a very sad memory in my heart and I also pitied the deplorable condition of our school that has produced so many brilliant and talented Liberians,” Dr. Sekajipo said.

He, however, pointed out that “we, including the Ministry of Education (MOE), must not sit idly by for the school to be washed away by the ocean.”

“We don’t think the school can survive the next rainy season and we must take the necessary steps now to save D. Twe High School,” Dr. Sekajipo added.

He further stressed the need for the urgent construction of a ‘sea wall’ to prevent the ocean from washing the school away.

“We want to flag the school’s plight to our friends, graduates and education stakeholders to see the need to intervene now,” Dr. Sekajipo stressed.

He added that waves from the sea fall a few feet away from the auditorium, which presents a worrisome situation because the roof of the building was destroyed in a windstorm.

“I can assure you that I will definitely impress on other Liberians in the United States and other parts of the world to consider the urgent need to rescue the school from such a bad situation,” Dr. Sekajipo added.

He disclosed that his organization is at present considering three projects, including environment, scholarship and solar lanterns in Liberia.

On the environment, Dr. Sekajipo explained that a team is working to assess Liberia’s environmental needs and issues.

“We have to keep our environment clean in order not to overburden our health system, and we have to teach our people simple methods of keeping our environment clean,” Dr. Sekajipo said.

He said that 100 solar lanterns have been secured to be given to rural Liberians in some parts of the country.

Dr. Sekajipo said his organization has initiated three cleanup exercises in the borough of New Kru Town, adding that its scholarship program has benefitted 15 students each academic year from 2002 to 2008.


  1. Education ministry can coordinate with ministry of sports to have three days tournament among first division teams to save D Twe high school from total collapse. The proceeds of the sporting event can build a modern school for the children. Remember, America was built by ppl with few dollars and bigger ideas. Lol

  2. Thanks, Lawrence for voicing concern about Dihdwo Twe school and the fate of thousands of school kids in the Borough of Krutown who attend that institution. Something has to be done to save the institution which is the only edifice that bears the name of one of Liberia’s well- know and forgotten patriots, Dihdwo Twe!


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