Ann Sandell School Receives Int’l Help


Aid for Liberia is a group founded by Liberians living in Switzerland. The organization is aimed at helping needy Liberians with non-interest loans; benefiting the likes of market women and other institutions.

Recently, Aid Liberia rendered help to the Ann Sandell Foundation and a self-supported institution, the Sylvia Keller School. They gave the school an undisclosed amount of cash to buy instructional materials and to construct a playground.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer over the weekend, the founder and proprietor of the Ann Sandell Foundation, Leabeh Gboko Gbowee, said Aid Liberia has been collaborating with the two locally-based institutions of learning since the early 2000s.

According to Mrs. Gbowee, last year the institution provided money that helped pay the monthly salaries of some of the instructors at the Sylvia Keller School. Aid Liberia also purchased several reading books for over 325 students.

The organization also provided adequate teaching materials for the school’s Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) and a Christmas presentation including food and gift items for over 1000 kids.


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