AMEU President Elected ALU President


The president of the African Methodists Episcopal University (AMEU), Dr. Joseph T. Isaac, has been elected as the new president of the Association of Liberian Universities (ALU), a post he will hold for four -years (2017-2020).

The association is comprised of seven universities and 30 colleges.

Dr. Isaac, who spoke to journalists recently at his Camp Johnson Road office shortly after he was elected, said his vision is to work with universities, “because this is a four year appointment that they have entrusted to me; and with their help, we will improve on the aim and objective of the association.”

“I cannot do it alone, but will need the concerted efforts of all members to make the ALU great,” he stated.

Some of his plans aimed at improving the association are to ensure that universities easily accept the credits of transfer students from community colleges as well as other colleges offering Associate of Arts (AA) degrees, he said.

This decision will require healthy discussions with heads of some of the institutions of higher learning to approve his action.

“This would also require an amendment to our organization’s bylaws and constitution,” he pointed out.

As president of ALU, Dr. Isaac said he will lobby with both the Executive and Legislative branches of government to provide subsidy or grant funding for universities.

He has meanwhile promised to develop a website where Liberians in the Diaspora can check for information on any university in the country.

“And if those institutions have their own website, they will be linked or otherwise, there will be enough information about all the institutions,” he added.
Dr. Isaac also promised to establish links with similar organizations at the international level for information sharing and to seek the best study opportunities abroad for the association’s members.

He said his administration will review ALU’s monthly expenditures and also design a new annual budget process to include the revision and or the approval process for the leadership.

“I will evaluate membership dues and how the process of how the dues are currently calculated and paid, and develop strategies on how to improve the rate of collection and payments of the association’s respective dues,” Dr. Isaac said.

He has meanwhile appealed to each member to encourage and promote independent partnerships between Liberian colleges and universities to be guided by outcomes to enhance higher education.

Dr. Isaac is the 4th president of AMEU, a small faith-based institution established in 1995, with current enrollment of approximately 4,088 students in 19 academic programs across four colleges.

Prior to taking up the assignment at the AMEU, he served as adjunct faculty for Planning and Management, and Finance and Budgeting at Morgan State University’s doctoral program for community college leadership.

He held the position of vice president for administration and professor at Tubman University, Liberia. He is a proven college and university administrator, a seasoned leader, manager, planner and professor with nearly three decades of track record from corporations to higher education institutions.

He is a system-thinker with strong analytical and creative problem-solving skills, and has an extensive background in higher education planning, management, budgeting, and policy development.


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