AMEU Adopts 4-Yr Academic Strategy


As parts of activities to enhance smooth and advanced learning at the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) in Monrovia, the administration has adopted a four-year academic strategy.

The academic strategy, which covers the period from 2013 to 2016, is being dubbed: “Learning First Academic Strategy.”

AMEU was established in 1995, and now has the current enrollment of about 3,000 collegians in ten academic programs across three colleges.

 AMEU newly-appointed president, Dr. Joseph Tele Isaac, told the Daily Observer over the weekend in an exclusive interview at his office, that the “learning first four-year academic strategy” is based on the university’s motto: “…Pursuit of Excellence.”

 Of the strategic plan, he said, is designed around six themes, which include, “Student Success, Infrastructure, Technology, Community Service, Research and Stewardship.”

According to him, the plan provides supporting directions for departmental goals across the university, and sets a clear direction for the AMEU to establish and embrace its future of becoming more student-centered, and learner focused.

“The four-year strategic plan emphasizes our commitment to the ‘…pursuit of excellence’ in teaching, learning, scholarship and community service.”

 As such, he says each strategic priority provides critical focus and serves as a driving force for decision-making and resource allocation.

According to the president, as a catalyst to this planning cycle, the AMEU launched “Learning first…a paradigm (model, pattern) shift. The aim is to improve how the university responds to student learning.”

 “With learning first, the AMEU will see itself first as a learner, and then make decisions that will increase learning opportunities for the students.”

 As part of the strategic priorities also, Dr. Isaac emphasized that the AMEU is committed to expanding opportunities for student learning. This will be done through the discovery and dissemination of knowledge with the “…pursuit of excellence,” and within the context of the new learning first paradigm. 

Launch of Website

To achieve the perceived priorities, the AMEU on Friday, October 1, officially launched its website under the theme, “Your Own, My Pride.”

The launch of the website was characterized by signing and merry-making with both the students and their instructors sandwiching Dr. Isaac, who received rounds of applaud to the excitement of onlookers.

The website has a green colored background with black underneath, thus depicting the official color of the institution, and at time with a colorful display of photographs containing past events such as convocation exercises, etc.

 In a special launching statement, Dr. Isaac told the gathering that the goal of the website is to make the AMEU the number one privately-owned institution of higher learning in the country.

More importantly, he said, the website is to provide or allow the students access every bit of contemporary information about the AMEU; to also expose the AMEU to the entire world including its host country Liberia.

“Students, faculty staff and administrators, this is your website. You should use it to your convenience, because it will contain every bit of information including student registration, transcripts, printing of grade points, etc.” Dr. Isaac emphasized to a deafening round of applause from the audience.

The website will meanwhile redesign admission, registration, finance and student information processes by the use of integrated technology; increase the use of technology in the classroom by improve teaching and research activities.  

About Dr. Isaac

As a higher education administrator, Dr. Isaac became president of the AMEU in July this year.

Prior to taking up the post at AMEU, he served as a visiting scholar for planning and management, and finance and budget at Morgan State University’s doctoral program for community college leadership. He also served as vice president for administration and professor at Tubman University, in Harper, Maryland County.

The open-minded professor holds an Associate degree in architecture from the University of Washington, DC; where he earned a Bachelor degree in construction engineering.

Dr. Isaac obtained his graduate education from Morgan State University with the Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning, and a Doctor of Education in higher education leadership.

 The father of three also holds numerous certificates in sustainability, strategic and master planning, fundraising, policy development and budgeting.

 He has previously presented papers on planning, leadership and management at international conferences.


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