Alfalit-Liberia Expands Adult Literacy, Skills Training Program

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A non-governmental organization in the area of literacy programs says it is set to enrol more than 6000 youths and adults in its 2016 cycle.
Alfalit-Liberia, a human resource development and capacity-building organization, in the area of adult literacy says it has qualified about 6240 youths and adults who will enrol in its expanded ‘Term One’ cycle of adult literacy and skills training programs.
The entity is now accepting students in five of the 15 counties in which it is operating. The counties are Montserrado, Bong, Grand Bassa, Bomi and Margibi. Registration and enrolment into the programs are free-of-charge for youth and adults who want to learn how to read and write.
Reverend Jerome C. Williams, Alfalit Supervisor for the Department of Training Statistics and Supervision, told the Daily Observer in his Congo Town office in Monrovia yesterday that this year, Term One’ will offer training in tailoring for the students in the literacy Program.
Term One, according to Rev. Williams, is a new system in which the program is arranged by terms. He said “because in five years we ran the program just on one cycle, it took our students longer to complete their respective courses.”
He said in March last year, the administration started the first term, which will come to an end next month.
“At the close of the term, we will begin the second term in May and so forth,” explained Rev. Williams.
He said the administration decided to increase the number of students, because new programs have been added to include the skills training since a bulk of the students are in the literacy programs.
“Moreover, we have increased the number of training centers in several communities in the five counties where we are operating. We remain grateful to God, because we started the program about nine years ago with only 300 students, and to reach this far with over 6000 students enrolling, 90 percent being women, is so great,” Rev. Williams said.
Meanwhile, he has appealed to the government to add value to the programs with more funding, mindful that the program has trained over 5000 students 90 percent of whom are females who enrolled specifically in the adult literacy program.
Alfalit-Liberia is a human resource development and capacity building organization that focuses on providing reading and writing skills for adults and out of school youths and young adults who missed the opportunity of going to formal schools or who dropped out of school due to life challenges and other social problems.


  1. Mr Vincent Tapdit From Papua New Guinea,a Teacher by profession now established an Adult literacy Skills Training School and now I’m requesting for some training materials books , video clips,and other helpful materials. You can email me. Thank-you.


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